Samsung 55" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

This 55" or the vizio? Anyone have a suggestion?

I ended up going with the samsung 55’. the edge LED backlighting vs full array wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I read enough very positive reviews for the set I pulled the trigger. I’ve always had great luck with samsung products and know they build a good high quality set.

Is this set covered by the Samsung 1 yr warranty?

We list our warranties at the end of the features on the sale page. This one has a 90-day Woot warranty.

Tried to cancel the Samsung and switch to Vizio because the refresh rate on the Samsung was only 60hz…but I was 1 hour too late past 15 minutes

Well plugged it in and it’s defective

I’m very very sorry about that- make sure to email into us if you haven’t already- you can use the support tab towards the top of the page.

I just submitted it. It’s a big blue cloud like patch