Samsung 55" Class MU8000 4K UHD TV

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Samsung 55" Class MU8000 4K UHD TV
Price: $899.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Nov 15 to Monday, Nov 20) + transit
Condition: New


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The massive amount of reviews and complaints about forced sponsor ads and violation of privacy by Samsung scared me away from an otherwise great tv.


$598 at Walmart on Black Friday …58" 4k Samsung…

A big note is that this is an 8000 series Samsung TV and the Walmart one is a 6000 series. Here is an article that doesn’t give much information, but talks a little about the series differences.

So what is Woot’s return policy and stuff if this ships to me and is damaged? Do I pay return shipping? This could be pretty hefty. I assume it also comes with Samsung’s standard warranty since it’s New?

Don’t fall for those Black Friday 4K TVs…most are garbage and don’t support HDR. See for TV evaluations and figuring out the advantages/disadvantages- yep I am a nerd and do a ton of research for what I buy. The price on this MU8000 is great and an overall very good TV. I have the KS8000 (last yrs model of the same TV) and it is FANTASTIC…I paid $1200 for mine and will be getting this model just because of the price.

Hi there. If it arrives damaged, contact our customer support and they’ll take care of you.

There’s more information in our FAQ linked in my signature. :slight_smile:

Paranoid hogwash. Fact is, anytime you use the internet to do anything, on any device, your information is being tracked. I have a year old Samsung smart TV connected to the internet and haven’t seen any ‘forced ads’ or anything else. If you use FB, Woot or any other site, your information is already exposed 10x worse than what your TV is going to do. Wouldn’t surprise me if the uproar was created by their competition because their products just perform as well.

Yep. I have to agree with Pleepleus. Almost every smart device I own is either Samsung or Amazon and I have no “beyond the norm” privacy or advertising issues with any of them.I’d love to be able to act on this deal now!

I was walking through Target yesterday and saw a Samsung 55" curved 4k for $200 cheaper.

I saw a poster mention 6000 series vs 8000 series, does that mean this Woot TV supports 3D? I read all 8000 series TVs support it, but I see no mention of it.

I bought this TV through Samsung a few months back and absolutely love it.

Sponsored ads are not at all a problem, when you change to smart sources like Youtube or Netflix it shows you an ad for things like Vudu or Facebook, they just look like apps that you already have installed. Very similar to the ads that Windows 10 has in the start menu.

The smart inputs work well-- it recognized my Xbox immediately and I am actually able to control the Xbox menus with the Samsung remote. Not sure why I would need to but its nice.

Smart app integration is flawless, YouTube and the like work great, Wireless Display and casting are perfect.

And the picture B-) Easily one of the best looking TVs I have ever seen and certainly the best looking TV I’ve ever owned.

Cannot recommend enough if someone is looking for a top-notch HDR 4K display.

The remote is clicky (in the best way) and very ergonomic. The voice recognition works well but I don’t have much use for it.

I have not seen anything about 3D support, I think they industry has been moving away from it for the past few years, I was never a fan of that stuff anyway.