Samsung 55" 240MR 4K Smart TV

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Samsung 55" 240MR 4K Smart TV
Price: $649.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, May 30 to Wednesday, May 31) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I have 2 65" curved models but waiting for the bigger one for get a lil cheaper like 70"+ right now its like 8k

I have this type on 49" size. It is unbelievable, I think only OLED can beat it. I wish I could find one more 49"

Eh, the 55" TCL w/HDR for $599 on Amazon (releases in June) is a far better deal, IMO.

I bought this exact TV at Costco last summer. It’s a fine 4k set but doesn’t feature full array local dimming.

What is the refurb grade ?

Grade A refurbished??
Any comments on quality?

The TCL is an entry level 4k TV…hence the price. The refresh rate is only 120 and there are a few other areas where it doesn’t stand up to the 8000 series by Samsung. At this price, the Samsung blows TCL out of the water. Go into a store and compare the picture quality. Unless you’re blind, you’ll see that Samsung is the clear winner.

This is a 3rd party refurb, hence the declining price & 90 day warranty. If you do purchase this tv from woot, make sure to document any issues, inspect & ensure it works prior to signing for delivery. If there are any problems, just refuse delivery & contact woot to get the issues fixed.

I seriously doubt that the UPS driver is going to stand there and wait for someone to unbox their TV, inspect it all over, test it, etc., before he/she leaves.

I want a true 4k tv.

A more likely scenario is your local UPS driver throws it on your porch and runs away, but ya, inspecting is cool

I agree! I have 2 TCL’s. One 4K and one HD. I love them and the picture is awesome! Plus, they are made in the US!

Samsung picture quality is superb compared to TLC. I know, I have both

Woot doesn’t ship TVs this big via UPS, they use a freight shipper.

The guy didn’t stand there and wait for me to unbox and inspect, he carefully and expertly HELPED me unbox and inspect, AND carry it into the man room, all while providing helpful suggestions along the way. I was so impressed I yelped about it and emailed the dude’s manager.

I got the same model in 65" when it was available earlier this month for $1000. I feel lucky to have enjoyed a great delivery experience for a GORGEOUS TV.

YMMV, caveat emptor, etc.

Mine wasn’t shipped freight and I have this exact TV.

TV is fine. Sound is surprisingly good. I wasn’t blown away, but for this price it is a very good buy.

Before purchasing I need to know what firmware this TV ships with. Bad firmware is a serious problem and can cause all kinds of issues. One of which were that Ads display on the menu bar (unacceptable).

Also, it would be nice to know if the newest firmware 1169.2 is “fully” functional AND would get rid of the ADS that were a nuisance in some previous versions.


After reading more about all of the issues people have with firmware updates I’m pretty sure I’ll have to pass on this one. The whole thing just seems shady and Samsung appears apathetic to the situation. Who knows if after 90-days I update the TV and it becomes unusable in some way. I can’t afford to waste the purchase price on this TV.

If anyone has any input on this I’d be open to hearing it before this deal ends.

Specific examples of how certain versions of firmware can “ruin” the TV

Example 1:
“Updates 1167 and 1168 have really messed my TV up. The picture is not as clear as it used to be like it’s not upscaling good as it used to. Also I’m having very problems with judder. Wish I had known that you can take automatic updates off. 1165 my tv was perfect. Now the blacks are grayish and the picture quality is bad.”
Example 2:
“1168.2 update clearly ruin my picture as someone posted before.Near black and dark tones look little greyish blueish, the whole picture quiality different from what i used to be.If Samsung will not restore the white balance settings in the next update, then i have to sell this tv.I purchased this model beacuse of the out of the box picture quality, now it feels like a midrange tv.I really do not understand why they messed up this with a firmware update.”
Example 3:
“When I updated to 1169.2 it caused all kinds of problems and Costco handed me off to Samsung saying that they would have to talk to me to get someone out to roll back the firmware. They also said that they had to do it and that it was not a “end-user” doable thing, although they knew I was quite capable. So I don’t know if they were leading me on or what, but the dispatch company has called and said there is no one no my area that can come out and I will be compensated for this trouble. I’m completely perplexed.
Just talked to Samsung and they are either going to first try to find me a new TV, it better be a dark gray model, or refund my money. That’s only because they can’t find anyone in the Metro area that will take the repair ticket. That seriously concerns me about future repair on this TV and all the other newer Samsungs that I have. I have spoken to the Samsung repair people in the area and they are great. So I know there are here. I just wonder if it is that they know this can’t be fixed or are just giving me a new TV? Who knows the next update could fix it?”

Mine arrived today (6/3), in original packaging. All appears to be quite in order, only a couple settings to tweak picture and sound-wise. Very satisfied with my Woot!

Protecting my purchase with SquareTrade? Ayup.