Samsung 65" 240MR 4K Smart TV

Strong reviews on this over at Costco, but the same model number, new with a 2 year warranty, is available from for just $125 more.

90 Day warranty on this refurb makes me a little nervous.

And, if you use the Costco VISA card to pay, you’ll get a total of 4 years warranty. Plus whatever Costco rebate you get so it probably works out to less than a $125 difference for most.

Remember when woot actually had good deals, Pepperidge farms remembers. A refurb for a whole whopping $100 less than a brand new one at full retail price. yay.

Remember when woot’s business model was to create a sense of urgency to purchase a deal?

Now they just provide ideas of stuff maybe you’ll buy later. Making the purchase can wait cause if it isn’t already it will be on the main Amazon site for just as much or cheaper. Honestly, what is this site doing for them that their flash deals aren’t. SEO? It totally lost its direction on what it was.

I wonder how much longer woot will last after they do a cost analysis and come to the conclusion that they are losing money when taking into consideration compute costs, logistics/shipping, and salaries with whoever is dedicated to this vertical. Stock holders won’t be too happy.