Samsung 65" 240MR 4K Smart TV

Ah, the Samsung KS8000 series. This model is very highly rated by and there’s a decent in-depth dive into understanding 4k televisions from Polygon that speaks very well of this TV. I have no room for the 65" model, but if you are looking for a nice 4k TV, this is it.

I have this TV, excellent picture. Had to return the first one that was delivered because there was a bubble forming in the picture from the bottom middle of the screen.
The most common issue with this tv apparantly is the back plastic cover coming un-glued(its not screwed to the frame only glued). If that was the reason for being refurbished, then its great.

But, I have to mention with EPP discount a new tv would be cheaper than this price.

so how does one get and use an EPP discount?

It’s an Employee Purchase Program. You have to work some place that offers it.

I have this TV as well. Bought it over black friday weekend for $1499, new. It’s really really nice. Highly recommended!

Getting an EPP code nowadays is tough unless you know someone. Back around mid-Nov/Oct, Samsung and partners really cracked down on EPP codes. Before then, there was a loophole and some could be used more than once and it was easy to share with people through forums, etc. I haven’t looked into EPP codes since then, but that’s what the situation used to be. If you could get your hands on one, this KS8000 65" was like $1199 new. The 55" was an insane $799 or something.

This is tempting, but it’s tough to drop that much money and only have a 30 day warranty. Are you pretty much SOL if something goes wrong on day 31, or can you work with Samsung on making it right?

It has a 90-day Woot Warranty.

i bought this tv when it first came out. best tv i ever owned and i buy only high end samsung tvs about every 2 years. im not big on refurbished eletronics, but if you dont mind, this is an excellet tv.

Thanks. Not sure why I read it as 30. I still have the same concern, but 90 isn’t so bad I guess.

I have had horrible luck buying TVs from Woot. The last two have been damaged in shipment, and I had to return them both. I got my $ back, but by then there were no replacements available to send to me. The inconvenience of the whole thing killed the value.

If you are in the market for a fantastic TV, this is it. I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I hadn’t just gotten one of the 6 series Samsungs. Wish I had a spent a little more for this, but I’ll live.

I’ve ordered 3 TVs from Woot and have yet to be satisfied with their condition. Everyone of them had issues. Oh well, get what you pay for when it comes to refurbished woot I guess.

I really wish Woot would start posting the Native Refresh Rates and not these marketing ploys. Google all the TVs and every single one of them are native 60Hz which is terrible for a TV of these sizes.

This one appears to be 120 Hz native. But like you said, it’d be nice if the native refresh rate was posted. It’s not exactly easy to find sometimes.

I ordered a brand new computer from Woot and it was damaged before it ever left their warehouse. So it’s not just refurbished stuff that gets ruined. I’m now without a computer even though I bought several accessories to go with it. And all Woot offered was a $5 credit valid for 30 days. That credit only covers the cost of shipping.

[MOD: Sorry for the problem. I see you got a full refund.]

Here’s an article on why 60Hz or 120Hz (for larger HD TVs) should be just fine.,2817,2379206,00.asp

Any of the higher end Samsungs (7-Series through 9-Series) all use 120Hz real refresh rates.

On another note, I’m in the market for this TV, but 65" is a little too large for my bedroom. I’ve been doing the research and this is a phenomenal TV - I’ll be buying the 55" version this weekend from a local retailer for about $100 less.

I got a 45" Samsung 2 years ago refurbed from Samsung. It’s been an awesome TV, practically new, and not a single issue. I just got this one and Im hoping the same.

The EPP I have had the same KS8000 model (non D) at this price new instead of refurbished, but it expired back over the holidays. Right now I cant find this price on EPP.

Is this a certified Samsung refurb, or refurbished by a 3rd party?

Sry if newb question!