Samsung 65" 240MR 4K Smart TV

Found it on Costco for $1479.99 -"-Class-(64.5"-Diag)-4K-SUHD-LED-LCD-TV-UN65KS800DFXZA.product.100289903.html

Sam’s has the Samsung curved 65" 4k Smart TV for 1148.00.

That is the 6000 series, not the 8000.

What is the difference between the 6000 and 8000 series?

The biggest difference is HDR and brightness. The 8 series is the second top tier of the 2106, the 9 series being the top. You get richer colors for shows that deploy HDR and you get better quality picture for the higher price. Plus it is a bit more future proof than the 6 series.

Hmmm. The current price with factory warranty is just $200 more. If your company has an employee purchase agreement (EPP) then you get the brand new for this price. It was selling for $1097 through EPP but someone found a cookies hack and flooded the Samasung site with fake accounts. They’ve since then blocked the flaw and raised the price to this one.

Also, this KS series is nearing end of manufacturing life. The 2017 models should start appearing in stock in March. So will it go higher or lower as stock depletes?

I bought the refurb’d UN55KS800DFXZA TV on here last Fall. No issues. Same “quantum dot” HDR 1000 display as this one I believe. HDR with supported Netflix, Amazon programs, and PS4 Pro games look fantastic.


The 800D is the same as the 8000 just a different bezel color. The 800D was only sold at costco.