Samsung 65" 240MR 4K Smart TV

can anybody fill me in on how the shipping works, do they wait for a signature to deliver?

I answered your question on woot:

Tracking will be available. We do not require a signature. If it’s over 55", it ships freight and it will be a scheduled appointment.

So will they call and schedule and appointment with me ?

For this size TV, yes. They will call the number you have listed on your Woot account.

are these refurbished by samsung or someone else(who)

They are refurbished by a 3rd party.

jfyi, i bought this TV (UN65KS800DFXZA) last month after reading nothing but glowing reviews about its picture quality before doing so. i’ve been nothing but disappointed in it thus far. terribly grainy picture with lots of tearing and edge problems. side glow not pleasant either. if given the opportunity to go back to vizio i would in a heartbeat (47" vizio from ~2010 that was replaced with this samsung has a better picture and is still tickin’).

Doesn’t look like you bought it here? If so, contact our CS.

This model is the same as UN65KS8000DFXZA. The reason for the one less 0, is this is the Costco/BJs version so people would not be able to price match Best buy.

Not sure what thunder is talking about the picture if far better then my Vizio

I just purchased a 55" off of woot and the “refurbished” terminology seems a bit stretched. The TV I received had 6 lines across it that appeared to be embedded in the lcd. I sent it back and woot couldn’t replace it. I’d be weary about ordering one of these refurbs. It’s a PITA to send back.

This is not worth it!! Ours arrived damaged :frowning: the amount of time waiting for shipping and now waiting for a refund makes us totally regret trying to get a deal and wish that we’d just gotten a new TV in the first place.

Does this include the Samsung One Connect box?

Yes, it is included. We have updated the specs to show this.

I purchased the 65 (for I think $500 more) here and was am nothing but happy with it. The picture is deliciously good and the sound is better than expected without a sound bar. It took some settings tweaks but it rocks now.

It arrived freight. It took a while but it got here. The packaging is NOT factory packaging. I can see how one might get damaged in shipping.

Woot returns can be bear, especially with a freight company involved, so my sympathy to those who had to deal with damaged TVs.

I, however, am a very happy customer.

$50 cheaper at Groupon

Do you have a link for that? I’m not able to find a tv close to this price or size on Groupon currently.

Got mine already! I am totally blown away with this HD Tv. It is like brand spank’n new! Not a mark on it, display is flawless. Thank you, Woot!

Sorry for your bad luck. I got mine fast and it’s like new. BLT!