Samsung 65" 3D 4K Smart LED TV

If this was non 3D and $300-500 less I’d pull the trigger.

The non 3D one is about the same price as this new.

This model didn’t come non-3d. The same year model line without 3d sacrifices far more than just 3d, like HDR and WCG. The new model year of TV’s dropped 3d completely, so the KS8/9 line would be the new equivalent without 3d and still HDR, and those are still quite a bit more expensive.

I got this last week, delivered very promptly with no damage. It’s truly awesome. The 3d is a bonus, not the reason to buy, although I did try it out with the only 3d movie I have (Avatar) and it is very nice. I would recommend that other lights in the room be dimmed or turned off for 3d.
If you read the comments on the last sale, there is a link to Crutchfield reviews. One of them (scroll down) lists settings for picture quality and color. I did that and I am impressed by the picture now. Before I made these (easy) changes the picture was too ‘video’. Now, perfect.
Thanks woot, love this TV.

If anyone bought one from here, can you give me the full model number please?

Pulled the trigger.

I hadn’t gone to look at TVs in 6 years and was shocked to see Panasonic is out of the game.

I also saw side by side OLED and LED local dimming, couldn’t tell much of a difference. I have a 50" plasma now, but 65" is more appropriate for my room.

After reading the Consumer Reports review of this one and seeing Samsungs in person, this appears to be an amazing deal.

Super bummed out to say I pulled the trigger and got met with a TV with a bunch of dead pixels. :frowning:

Bummer! If you haven’t please send your order details and issue to; CS can help get things taken care of.

Mine arrives tomorrow. Ehh this makes me nervous.

I’ll be sure to turn it on before mounting it and all that

And it arrived damaged. That’s one giant RMA.

Bummer! :confused:

That was about as easy a return process on something that large that anyone could imagine.

Thanks, Woot!