Samsung 65" 4K 240 MR Full Web LED TV

Samsung 65" 4K 240 MR Full Web LED TV

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Is there no way to add the 4 year extended warranty?

I owned this same TV for a year or so and sold it. It had horrible oversaturation and bad light bleed streaks from the edges. Samsung basically ignored me until the warranty ran out. My 10 year old Samsung plasma was a better TV. I bought an LG OLED instead and have absolutely loved it. I’d avoid this TV.

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I have the KS version (higher end) of this TV and love it. I tweaked the color settings based on information in and have never had to change them. I have had no problems with light bleed or streaks. It could be that the the quality control was higher for the KS model as it was about $300 to $500 more expensive than the MU model at the time.

I’m a big movie fan and am picky about the colors and blacks. I previously had a Samsung plasma TV. So I went with the KS version for the deeper blacks and the 240 MR for the better refresh rates (smoother picture). The MU version, though, should be perfectly fine for normal viewing and for gaming consoles.

My next TV will likely be an OLED. They were in the $4K to $5K range and still had burn-in problems at the time (2 years ago). They have since dropped in price and the technology has advanced quite rapidly.

Not a 4 year warranty. SquareTrade offers a one year warranty. You’ll see the link at the top of the features.