Samsung 65" 4K 240 MR Full Web LED TV

Samsung 65" 4K 240 MR Full Web LED TV

Is thete an extended warranty available on this Ssmsung 65’’ model?

Yes, there is a SquareTrade warranty. It’s shown at the top of the features. if you’re not seeing it, switch to a device that supports Flash.


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Hope everyone else has better luck! Mine was to be delivered Friday 11/23 but got a phone call that morning from logistics company that there was a hole in the box and the entire screen is cracked (they say they did not do it). They added comments that customer refused package so it has delayed responses from anyone getting me new info on a replacement. I called customer care to get a new one and they said they will send one. But it’s now been 3 days with no new tracking number or communication from Woot, and I also asked to have it expedited as I was not the one who damaged it but was told they don’t do that. Hope the new one comes undamaged and I don’t have to wait till the logistics company sends it back to get the ok to ship.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problem with shipping. The vendor definitely wouldn’t have shipped a box with a hole in it nor would the shipping company have accepted it. But accidents happen.

We have to contact the vendor to get a replacement. The weekend slows things down so appreciate your patience.

There needs to be a LONGER EXTENDED WARRANTY with a HDTV such as this. Need to be able to BUY a 4 Year … at least. If it were on Amazon you probably could buy a longer extended warranty with Square Trade

I agree about the need for a longer warranty option. I’ve been contemplating buying this tv everyday that Woot’s offered it but the fact that it’s a refurbished tv and the last Samsung I bought had horrible grey uniformity it makes me a bit leery. Costco has a 65 inch Samsung nu740 brand new for $800 that I had my eye on but I’m picky and I like the motion on the 8 series better than the 7 series TVs. If it came with the one year warranty for this price that may have tipped me in the direction of opening my wallet. I can get a 3 year squaretrade warranty on a new set that costs up to $1000 for $65 though, so the one year for $110 really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Come on Woot, show me a deal on a tv for under a grand that I couldn’t pass up!

Just got mine last friday. XPO left it on my front porch in the rain without telling me. Luckily it was dry inside the box. I had to factory reset it when I powered it up because it still had the last guys Samsung and Netflix account stored. After all that it’s a great TV at an awesome price.

My first Woot purchase, the tracking # i was emailed and in my account history is not “clickable”
Expected delivery date was yesterday, mid day today still nothing.
Sent message via whoot contact, said it will be two “working” days for a reply? Anyone have this problem? Or can provide a tracking link?
Thanks. Chris-

Hi there. A TV this large has to ship freight and the company will contact you to schedule a delivery time.

Looks like it was shipped via FIDELITONE. Here’s a page with a phone number to request a status on your delivery: