Samsung 65" 4K SUHD 3D LED Smart TV

Does anyone know if the tv comes with a manufacturers warranty in addition to woot warranty?

No Samsung warranty, just the Woot warranty, and the optional Square Trade warranty available from the widget at the top of the Features tab.

Finally bought me a big screen TV! That square trade warranty is costly at $249. I will live with the 90 day standard warranty plus Amex doubling it to 180 days.

Is this a factory refurbished unit?

No, it is not.

When I purchased this television yesterday, it stated that the tv was refurbished. The staff member responded that it is not refurbished. I think it is great if it is not refurbished but what is the correct answer?

Is the 850D 65" samsung a refurbished tv as stated on the website or is it new as a staff member stated? Please let me know.

TT wasn’t stating this is new, it IS a refubished TV. She was confirming that this TV wasn’t “Factory Reconditioned”, meaning it wasn’t refurbed by Samsung. The condition “Refurbished”, on our site, means the refurb was done by a 3rd party.