Samsung 65" 4K SUHD LED Smart TV

Does this tv come with the one connect box, that all the hdmi cables plug into? Thanks!

Yes it does.

Confirmed that it comes with the connect box.

Is this gluten free?


Anyone purchased one of these refurbished sets from the sale and hooked it up yet? These seem to be stocked heavily at the local stores as I’ve been eyeing them for a while…wondering if these are just leftover stock being sold as refurbished or actually refurbished.

Any issues/DOA TV’s yet?

They’re not. They are refurbished. Careful buying one. Mine arrived with busted back panel and busted screen.

I bought one when it was a daily deal and it arrived on Tuesday. Not in the original box but everything was packed firmly and delivery was easy. Came with One Connect box/cable, remote (no batteries) and stand. The protective plastic was still on the stand and TV trim.

No issues and the TV is fantastic. Plugged it in and after 5 minutes of set-up I was watching TV. I’d bought a high-end 1080P Samsung in 2010 and it’s tough to tell the difference in resolution between good 1080 and good 4K from 6 ft away but the color and contrast is a different story. So vivid on true 4k media. Very happy with this purchase.

Any chance of this deal coming back?

Possibly. Keep checking back.

I ordered mine at the last minute, and it was delivered yesterday. It was packed well, had a couple of really minor imperfections on the base. Few minutes of setup time and I was up and running. Great picture, and love all the features. This is a nice step up from my 55" Vizio.

Few of my buddies are now eyeballing this site, hoping for a comeback in the near future.