Samsung 65" 4K Ultra Hi-Def Smart TV

I don’t see whether this is a 60Hz, 120Hz, or what in specs.

I do see ‘Motion Rate*’, but there is no * anywhere else.

Do you know what * is for? It’s for saying ‘see other *’.

This site has the ratings on a similar model: The refresh rate is 60Hz. You decide if it’s a deal. I couldn’t see the warranty or who offers it…

These prices seem to be only about 15% savings vs new. C’mon Woot, you can do better than that, or maybe not, since being sold to Amazon :frowning:

Wouldn’t a 48" TV be 16 12" TV’s? Just sayin.

Snarky much? :tongue:

Interestingly, in looking at a few models on the Samsung site, none of them had a related footnote for the * next to Motion Rate.

Here’s their article on Clear Motion Rate.

I don’t buy from Woot anymore. My last order was late and incorrect and even after communicating with them it was never corrected. Can’t take a chance on them anymore.

For everyone confused by the marketing term “Motion Rate 120” and how that relates to a real number, this TV’s actual refresh rate is 60Hz. Here’s a CNET article with a bit more detail about the situation and a chart lining up marketing terms to real refresh rates. Ultra HD 4k Refresh Rates

Dear Ms. Thighs, is it possible to purchase a SquareTrade warranty with these TVs and, if so, how does one do so?

Edit: Silly me. Once I requested the desktop page, the SquareTrade link showed up. Sorry to have bothered you.

I bought this TV last time Woot featured it. I LOVE it. Crisp, beautiful picture, great features. It arrived undamaged and on time via ABF.

I read on another site it was a costo tv most likely a derivative black friday tv.

So why are you even on here? Do you just use this as a very limited (and lame) form of social media. Try this: ( ). I hear that their social media platform is much better, and has more users.
I will never understand people who post comments like this. This is the same as people who comment on a forum or recap for a TV show, and post statements like “I haven’t watched this show such Season (X). It completely sucks since then”. First of all, why are you reading an article or forum post about a current episode if you have not watched in 2 years, and how do you know it sucks “since then” if you stopped watching it? This mentality eludes me. I guess it is just another form of trolling, which I don’t get either.

That explanation of Clear Motion rate smacks of BS as well. One of the items they listed as justification that it was as clear as a true 120Hz was their non-reflective screen technology. The biggest contributor to motion blur is simply not having a more powerful video processor, and not enough memory dedicated solely to that video processor. In other words, cheaper technology inside. It sure does not have anything to do with how reflective the screen is. I can’t see why they would produce a 4K tv with less than 120hz, or 240hz, which would be even better. IMO, a 4K TV with a 60Hz refresh rate sounds horrible. I was disappointed when I saw a 120Hz refresh rate listed in the specs, but after reading the page linked above that explains what the real refresh rate is, I am going to pass. I think a 1080i TV with a 240Hz refresh rate would probably produce a better picture for movies and sports, at least as far as motion blur is concerned. Also, what happened to the 480hz refresh rate that was supposed to be “just around the corner” 5+ years ago? It never seemed to materialize. I think it may have contributed to the “soap opera” look that many people complained of, but I may be wrong on that.
It looks like I am going to stick with my Samsung plasma until the OLED tech becomes affordable. I really was only looking at LED’s because I want something larger than my 60in plasma. It has 600Hz resolution (actually, it is way faster than that in reality, but they has to put a number on it to compete with LED/LCD). I have never seen a bit of motion blur on it, and never will. It is sad that plasma lost out to LED/LCD, when it always had superior picture quality, and was always the technology picked ad being superior picture quality. But the LED’s are cheaper to build, so manufacturers pushed them, and consumers chose price over quality. I really wish they has just invested in making plasma’s cheaper to build and lighter weight.

I’ve also about stopped ordering. The last order I tried to cancel and got a HUGE headache. So much for customer service making unhappy Wooters into happy Wooters, or whatever the slogan is. If I have only a 15 minute window to cancel an order, even though it won’t ship for several days, that is probably not a company I want to do business with.