Samsung 65" LED Curved 4K SUHD TV

What is the model #?

Hey there, we got the model number added to the sale.


Based on the rear panel, this is the 2016 variant, which is definitely superior to the newest iteration. Well worth the money.

We had the 2016 variant until the cat launched a 20lbs speaker into it, cracking the display. We inevitably replaced it with the newer version, thinking it’d be the same, but nope. Samsung really cheaped out on a bunch of stuff. Materials, controller quality, and the display are way worse. Contrast is worse, display is much more dim, and the software is lacking a lot of options and customizations the 2016 variant had.

Again, if this is the 2016 version, EASILY worth the money. The ~$200 more for the most recent version is not worth it for the downgrade in features.

I’m holding onto the carcass of our old one in hopes of finding a cheap display replacement. For now, I have to watch it’s slightly disabled cousin, longing for the chosen child to become whole again.

What’s up with this tracking number? it starts with XPO but I can’t find any way to track the shipment…