Samsung 65" 1080p 240 CMR LED HDTV

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Samsung 65" 1080p 240 CMR LED HDTV
Price: $849.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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4.5 Stars on a similar model over at Best Buy


It’s a Dino Sauer.

Dear Woot,

I am disappointed that you are adding gimmicky marketing crap to the specs in lieu of actual useful data. I don’t care what the CMR is. I want to know the actual refresh rate. I don’t care what the “dynamic” contrast ratio is. I want to know the actual contrast ratio. I’d also like to know if this is edge-lit (I’m assuming it is because I see that similar models are).

C’mon Woot. It’s Easter weekend. Put down the bottle and clean yourself up. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Kind Regards,

Why would woot post anything other than the manufacturer provided info?

I find this site reliable for reviews and decoding marketing specs:

Maybe I missed it, but I can’t find this TV listed on that site.

I own this exact TV, same size, same model number. I paid ~$1400 2 years ago.
Best set I’ve ever owned! Samsung makes the best panels in the business and this is one of their best.

It is a true 120hz refresh, I shut the 240 crap off as I mostly use it for gaming and don’t want any processing.
It is full panel LED back lit, not edge lit. I couldn’t tell you exactly what the real CR is but it is very very good.
Image quality after doing a setup with my WOW blu-ray is the best I’ve ever owned.

The best part of this set for me, is the incredibly low input lag! Like I said, I use it mostly for gaming so input lag is a huge concern for me and this set has the lowest input lag of any 65" that I could find back when I was looking. I don’t remember the exact number but it’s sub 40ms, which is awesome for a 65".
The second best thing is no smart tv crap. I just want a display; I already have ways to watch netflix/youtube.