Samsung 65" 4K 240 MR Full Web LED TV

I disagree… UHD clearly stands for Ultimate Hot Dog

“4KHDR Extreme”? Hmmmmmm…

3rd party refurb or certified Samsung refurb?

I have the 55" version of this, and it looks great. I think I bought it at today’s offer price for the 65".

My only complaint is that the horizontal viewing angle isn’t the greatest. Otherwise I’ve been very happy.

looks like you can get it new from Samsung for $899

[MOD: Link shows $1999.99]

I am seeing that the offer direct from Samsung is 1,999.99 (New), that is a little difference in the 899 price you are stating

I don’t see that price with this link, it shows $1999 for the 8000 model. I do see the 800 model, refurb, on Amazon for $1300.

BTW 800D means this is Costco version correct? There is no discernable difference between this and 8000 series. I purchased a 2016 55inch 800D refurb here and had no issues. Would love the UN65MU800DFXZA though…

Hhmmm, I need a 65" TV. Thinking about this one.

Is this situation still true?

“When setting up your television you agree to a series of terms and conditions in order to utilize the product, in these terms and conditions you are agreeing to allow Samsung and its affiliates to provide select advertisements onto your product. Unfortunately there is no way for the consumer to opt out of these advertisements as they are built into our platform”

"TV shows forced advertisements from HBO. hulu, Vudu, you name it.
It is important to know that despite TV Setting has options to turn off interest based advertisements,even they are turned off, ads keep appearing every so often a few times a day. Apps are from all over: Samsung, Facebook, Google, Hulu. "

3rd party. It would be listed as Factory Reconditioned if it was done by the manufacturer. :slight_smile:

If Samsung would use the Roku interface, I’d get one.

In The Box:

Samsung UN65MU800DFXZA 65" LED Flat 4K Ultra HD LED TV
Remote Control
Power Cord

Does this not come with the One Connect box?

Yes, it’s included. We’ll get that updated momentarily.

$894.60 on amazon every day!

[[MOD: not seeing it]

how weird…it was $899.99 when I posted it. It was for the 65". I wonder if someone here attempted to make the purchase and Samsung realized it was an error?

I know Samsung sometimes has their own refresh rate. Is that the Motion Rate: 240 seen here? Is there an actual known refresh rate?

A preemptive ty!!

Big foot ordered that to watch from the purple mattress.

No Wi-Fi interface mentioned. Does it have one?

I have the older model, the KS series, and online review places like rtings, suggest the older model is better.

Anyone with experience of the two?