Samsung 65" 4K Ultra Hi-Def Smart TV

Many people in the market for a TV and doing proper research have already learned about this, but in case you’re considering this TV and aren’t aware, Samsung (and other manufacturers) are misleading their customers with claims of numbers relating to refresh rate that are, in essence, made-up.

This is a 60hz panel, meaning the display updates 60 times a second. Some content you view on it may be 24 frames-per-second. 24 doesn’t go into 60 evenly. This means that your TV, when displaying 24-fps content, is going to run out of time to display certain frames, and will end up only partially displaying them as a result. The end result is an inconsistent-looking juddery effect that can throw a lot of people off.

Samsung tries to trick the customer into thinking their TVs are capable of 120hz or even higher refresh rates. They do this by providing an arbitrary number that doesn’t actually reflect the refresh rate of the TV. You can catch these because they’ll attach the number to some snazzy-sounding feature name like “TrueMotion” or “Clear Motion” and will only rarely ever claim (falsely) that it refers to Hz. And while these features do, in some ways, help with the inherent limitations of 60hz TVs, they introduce that awful, dreaded “soap opera effect” that manufacturers haven’t figured out that people hate yet.

That said, I had a 60hz panel for almost 10 years. I didn’t really notice anything other than the natural juddery refresh rate that all LCD TVs have. YMMV.

Got this right at $1000.00 from SAMs brand new. Did I get a good deal?

I haven’t done too much reading on LG screens. However, I would say that you got an OK deal based on the raw specifications and features of the TV. Keep in mind that your TV is 60hz native and uses software and hardware processing tricks to try to smooth out the video. Pay close attention to how scenes with a lot of motion look on the TV. If you find yourself catching motion that looks a bit skippy and it bothers you, I’d seek out a native 120hz TV.

What TV would you recommend then?

I’m absolutely in LOVE with the Samsung 65" 4K model UN65JU650DF I got on Woot a couple months ago for $1100 refurb.

I’m not sure how the model UN65JU639D compares, but I believe it’s an older generation of the UN65JU650DF. From the specs, they look identical.

Here are my suggestions to make this TV look great:

  1. I HATE TrueMotion. It makes every movie look fake. My brain tells me the background is moving instead of the foreground. The good news is, you can adjust TrueMotion, but only for the “Movie” picture mode. I would have returned the TV if I didn’t find this setting.

  2. I have a 15" MacBook Pro Retina, but the initial picture looked blurry on the TV. I found a setting for that input port which told the TV it was a computer, then the picture became laser sharp. I was awestruck.

Other Stuff:

  1. The remote is round on the bottom (to feel better in your hand), but if the remote is resting on a table, you can’t push a button without the remote flipping over. Very silly design.

  2. The speakers aren’t great, but passible for a small room (20x20).

  3. The TV has apps like Netflix built-in. I can get the YouTube app to play 4K, but I can’t get Netflix to play 4K. I have my Netflix account set to allow 4K video, and I made sure to pick a video I knew was in 4K (House of Cards), and I know my network is good, but still no joy.

  4. The TV can play video files off a USB stick, but the built-in video player is cumbersome. I have not found a way to fast forward more than 4x, so if you want to scrub to a point in the movie, it can take forever!!! Some video formats have chapters, so you can skip around more quickly, but it’s not universal. The video player handles popular formats like MKV, but doesn’t handle the newer h265 encoding. Hopefully they will update the app. I’ve also seen it ignore (not show) some m4v files which my PS3 plays just fine.

I’m happy to answer questions.

Thanks for all that. Good to know. I’m assuming you can connect a wireless keyboard/mouse to this family of models, but have you tried that? If so, how’s the response in the various menus? The web browser?

I’m assuming you can connect a wireless or wired keyboard/mouse to this family of models, but has anyone done this? If so, how’s the response in the various menus? The web browser? Clunky? Relatively smooth?

Can you use this TV as a computer monitor?

Yes, I’m using the Samsung 65" 4K UN65JU650DF as a monitor from my 15" MacBook Pro Retina. I’m sitting maybe 6 feet from the TV and it looks excellent at a simulated 1920x1080 “retina” resolution. People complain that it’s only 30Hz refresh, but it’s perfect for normal computer work. When playing a video, I did notice it’s a tiny bit choppy compared to playing it natively on the TV, but it didn’t bother me. Games might be a different story.

Yes. I’ve used both a USB keyboard & mouse, and a bluetooth. All Apple products. You can even use a bluetooth controller like from Steelseries.

I also want to mention, if you plan on playing 4K videos, you need a good, fast USB3 flash drive. USB2 just doesn’t cut it.

Thanks bumper !!

Any warranty information? How long and who covers it?

I found it. 90 Woot. Wootwoot