Samsung 720p Camcorder w/ 52x Opt Zoom


**Item: **Samsung 720p Camcorder w/ 52x Opt Zoom
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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I seriously… what?

I appreciate the anti-bot tactics. Although I don’t think bots are snatching these up (yet). I think it has more to do with the fact that theres only 1 available at a time… Gonna be tough to be the one and only person to get one each time.

But, didn’t you get it?

well that will definitely insure no bots. Now how about all of you night owls go to bed, I’ll test it from here :wink:

(and NICE optical zoom!)

what am i missing here?

First Sucker:

I cant highlight that right or quickly! please return to text being on first line! my computer will not let me only copy the third line :frowning:


what was the link? what should i delete off?

oh remove brewers… good one woot. Good one. :slight_smile:

You non-human you

I agree, I have to copy the whole text and delete the rest

You non-human you

Thanks. But it says 404 error.

Wow, uh, did I get it? When I checked out I got the “Sorry. The ravenous Woot mob devoured the stuff you wanted.” error…


Edit: Dang! I got it! Aaah! Good luck at getting other ones guys!

Slinkey, triple-click the text, it selects the entire paragraph. Paste that in the address bar and fix it as needed.

Also that’s a pretty nice deal on the camera as well.

Sounds like something a MACHINE would say.

Thank you haha; wow