Samsung 75" 4K Ultra HD 3D LED Smart TV

Just bought this at Tiger Direct…New…$2997.99…no tax…free shipping.


[MOD: Different model]

You bought the HU8550 - newer. Not so sure about better.

This model can be had at Sears or KMart for (well) under $2k.

Well done, woot.

[MOD: I did not see this model at Sears or Kmart online.]

Samsung UN75HU8550 4K Ultra HD LED Smart 3D 75" TV

Samsung UN75HU8550 4K Ultra HD LED Smart 3D 75" TV

Sku #	:	UN75HU8550
Availability	:	Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days

List Price :
Our Price :

No tax free shippin. NEW

[MOD: Different model]


Hello wooters. It’s not a price comp when it’s a different model. Please watch model numbers.

And yes, we know that y’all think we suck.

I can’t believe this where are the days when I could buy something from woot and not have to check if their prices were the lowest online by over 20%. This idea of charging more for an older reconditioned model is totally egregious and advantageous given our trust we have in woot being the best prices on-line. I think wot should immediately drop the price to $1,999.00 . Now this would be the woot we have grown to love.

$3000 and it includes 4 3D glasses.

Woot is off their rocker these days.

[MOD: Different model]

looks like this one has the “Clear Motion Rate 1200” but the 8550 on Tiger Direct does not.

Motion Rate* 240

Enjoy our best moving picture resolution at Motion Rate 240 with exceptional refresh rate, processing speed, and backlight technology.

*Motion Rate replaces Clear Motion Rate as the Samsung measure of motion clarity

I haven’t looked at the specs on all of these, but I would not get a 4K TV unless it had HDR - High Dynamic Range. HDR gives a broader range of colors. I’ve seen 4k feeds with HDR and without, and the HDR makes all the difference. I would not upgrade from a good 1080p to a 4K for just the resolution (pixel quantity).

I recently ordered and paid for a refurbished Sony tv on Woot but decided to cancel the order since the tv did not have a full web browser. I cancelled the order within two hours of purchase but was still charged a restocking fee of $60. Woot told me i could not cancel the order, even though the product was not even pulled from stock yet! I will NEVER buy anything else from Woot again!

Mods have said multiple times that the ones other people are finding are a different model, but could you please give an explanation?

  • Woot is selling “Samsung UN75HU8500 75” 4K Ultra HD 1200 CMR 3D LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi" for $3200.

The other (substantially cheaper) prices are for the 8550. What is the difference between the two? (Yes, I know the difference is 50.)

Samsung’s website doesn’t even have separate pages for them, so I assume they are really the same TV, just different packaging or possibly different accessories (like 3D glasses)?

Looks like the only difference they note is the motion rate. One uses “Motion Rate” the other uses “Clear Motion Rate”

As a point of information, the link you gave says that the 550 (NOT the model that Woot is selling) has 15W sound output whereas Woot’s model only has 10W sound output. (Oddly, if you tell it to show “only differences”, that “difference” doesn’t show up, but if you click down under audio, you see it. I have no explanation for how 15 vs 10 is not a “difference”.)


And I am on the Samsung site right now, comparing the two models…the 8550 seems better…and I prefer buying a New one…for Less.


What about those of us who have defective merchandise shipped to us already and can’t get an RMA from ANYBODY at Woot?

Not sure why you’re unable to get an RMA. Have you tried emailing into and inquiring?