Samsung 8.0" 32GB Galaxy Tab A (2019)

Samsung 8.0" 32GB Galaxy Tab A (2019)

can you elaborate on what the international designation is? does it not have the same software on it? does it not have a valid warranty? does it come with a US compatible wall charger?

Everything is pretty much the same minus the warranty. You’ll have an Amazon 90 day warranty, but not the standard 1 year Samsung warranty.

*Woot warranty.


  • International Model, Does not have US warranty. Has 90-day Woot warranty
  • Comes with a US Plug & US Software

The US model lists WiFi up to 802.11 AC while this international model only lists WiFi up to 802.11 N. Is that correct, or is it a typo?

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Comes with Android version 9, but is it upgradable to 10 (current version)?

Android 10 is old.

Found this article: