Samsung 8.2MP Digital Camera

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Refurbished Samsung 8.2MP Digital Camera, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Samsung L100 8.2MP Digital Camera

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This is only tempting because I’m such a girl when it comes to electronics - they match, and most of them are red and black.

I always look at my Wii and cringe.

There are a lot of good reviews for this product on Alatest.,147/

I got this a few months ago on WOOT. You can tell its a cheap camera but it does take good pictures. great deal for the money. And the battery life is great.

I find this statement intriguing and would like to know more. In which ways is its cheapness revealed? What types of pictures did it take well?

It looks like the MSRP was around $90, and it was well reviewed at the price. No real major downsides. This camera sounds like a good backup, or a camera to teach your kids photography (so they don’t use your own expensive equipment ;P).

Whats rare on camera at this price is the availability of a manual mode. This camera has it, and it will let you fool around with shutter speed, aperture, iso, and white balance. Great for the gadget freak or learning photographer.

Doesn’t look bad. If I hadn’t already sprung for a pair of the Polaroids over on regular Woot, I might be interested in this.

What’s this “SDHC (up to 4GB guaranteed)”? Does that mean an 8GB SDHC card might work, but they won’t guarantee it? Or is 4GB SDHC just the limit?

Is that blue Face Recognition notice on the front a removable sticker or is it there forever?

I would recommend that if you’re considering a digital camera, spend about $30 more for a new Canon A590IS. It’s not a slim body like this one, but it will take better pictures and has more features.

This is, however, the best price you’re going to find for this camera, and it’s a decent camera. I think you’d be satisfied.

Sticker is removable. I worked for a camera store last fall, and they only carried Samsung cameras, singing their praises all day long. This is obviously the bottom of their line, but I’d spend $75 on it if I needed a camera. Samsung actually makes some of the sensors for Canon.

i may grab this for an upcoming trip. my old camera was a 4x optical zoom - can anyone tell me how much zoom quality i’m losing here in lay terms? don’t know if going down to 3x is a huge difference or not…

Couple questions for those of you who own the camera if you don’t mind. I am looking at this as my outdoor cameras for camping, hiking, etc… I need a camera that has a fast shutter response (I frequently pull the camera out one handed, snap a photo and move on) and can handle a little rough treatment (I understand the limitations). Any comments on these points?

For example. Does the face recognition software slowdown the shutter response? Can it be turned off? How about flash recharge time from first picture to second picture?

Thanks for any help

Can anyone verify the length of movie clips this camera can record at one time - 640x480, 30 fps? (i.e. my Canon will only record a 640x480 @ 30 fps for an average of 30 seconds at a time.) I know some cameras don’t have a limit on the movie clip recording time - even at high resolutions. Is this Samsung one of those?

Also - not that this bothers me - but some of you may be interested in noting this camera will mute the audio during a movie clip while zooming.

Huh? I’m a professional photographer.
a) NO camera store would carry only Samsung cameras.
b) Sony makes the CCD sensors for Canon compact cameras (and for most compacts regardless of brand). Canon makes all of their own sensors for their DSLRs.

Yes, you can use 8GB SDHC cards.

While you can never have enough zoom :wink:
Going from 4X to 3X is not a deal breaker provided you starting focal length is the same (which it likely is on a camera like this).

First, I don’t own this camera but can probably answer some of your questions.

Build quality is not the best.

This camera does not have optical image stabilization, so shooting one handed is not recommended unless the light is very good.

Shutter response will vary with the amount of light and amount of zoom. The more light, the faster the camera can focus. The less zoom, the faster the focusing. Unfortunately compacts are slow to focus because of the type of focus system they use. In good outdoor light, shutter response should be fine, indoors it will slow considerably.

Face detection will slow the cameras ability to focus because it has to acquire the face(s). It can be turned off.

Flash recycle time is about 4 seconds which is not bad for a compact camera.

Video recording time is limited only by battery life or card capacity.
Zooming is not possible while recording video.
One thing to keep in mind is that the microphone is located on top of the camera body which is NOT ideal.

Good camera. I had one for a few days and I was very impressed with the picture quality.

The fun ended when I dropped it from waist-high, it landed on a dirt path and broke. In all fairness, the extended lens cylinder took the brunt of the fall, but I was surprised that it broke. There was a couple of small plastic tabs inside that broke because of the fall, thus breaking the focus and zoom abilities.

So, good camera, but don’t drop it.