Samsung 8.3mp Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

Samsung 8.3mp Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
$69.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

Pricing for future reference

I got one of these from woot and it was broken. I sent it back and they sent me a new one. That one was broken. I sent it to the manufacturer, and that one was broken. I gave up after that…

All the L100’s from Samsung get really good reviews on Buzzillions. So I bet even a refurbie is nice…

thank you for that comment, i was looking at this with a “maybe” mentality but that experience just sealed it for me

Looks like pretty good photos

Too bad all my Xmas cash is already spent!

I second that. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks, I concur.

Junk camera… 8.3 now is getting low end… 10MP + is what you need… do not buy.

Carp Camera… Sorry woot… get better carp in please

Bought this at Fry’s Electronic (8.2v) and was a great camera for the budget. However, the focus on the lens started struggling to keep it clear after 2 months. Days later the thing just stopped working all together where the lens wouldn’t even pop out to perform the focus. Just thought I share this before you buy.

MPs mean jacksquat when it comes to image quality nowadays. Especially in P&S cameras. Too many pixels being packed into a sensor the same size as always.

My Samsung was a great little camera until it broke. Never had problems, easy to use, my only problem with these little camera types is if you drop it, it’s ruined. It usually lands on it’s face, stiking the lens, misaligning it.

Most people would disagree - as far as digital goes with Point and Shoot, trying to get more out of the same size sensors degrades quality more. I am getting just as good quality 8X10’s out of my Panasonic 7.1 as I have seen from other 10 mp cameras. For most people, 8x10 is a s big as they are ever going to print and that will suit them fine.

In the end, camera is at a good price for low tech. You want more bang, you spend more buck.

I’ve had two Samsung cameras and the lens always seems to wear out after about a year. If you really want a nice digital camera, stick with Canon, Sony or Nikon (preferably Canon).

I have the L210 model (the one with hardware image stabilizing and is 10 mp), I found it for $120, and enjoy the pictures I am taking with it very much. If this camera is similar (it looks exactly like it), then it will be a good catch.

Also, I agree with the comment about megapixels. Unless you’re going to print out huge posters that cover your wall, you don’t need 10 megapixel. If all you’re going to do is upload pictures to facebook or print them out on 4x6’s, 8 megapixels is fine…

Unless you’re printing poster-sized photos, your image quality isn’t going to get much better between 8 and 10 megapixels. All 10 mp is going to do is eat up space on your memory card. For the average 4x6 photo, anything 6 mp and up is recommended.

ALaTest has several expert reviews which complain about poor image stabilization:

“No optical image stabilisation, only 8.2 megapixels, over-contrasted pictures”

“Digital image-stabilization is a no-go. Somewhat awkward button placement.”

“No image stabilization but for a little less than $100 it is one of the best choices if you don’t want to spend a lot on a small camera. Besides, everyone can live without image stabilization in this type of product.”

> Bottom line: Most reviews/customers are pretty happy
>>AlaTest has it as a 90/100, Amazon has it as 4/5 stars

I want a digital camera that does HD video.

My sister had this camera.

I say had because after dropping it on the lens, the motors had a hard time drawing it back in. The lens would stay out at a crooked angle, until I slammed it into my other hand. It worked well enough after that I suppose.

She also somehow cracked the LCD right in the center of the display. There’s a plastic layer over it, so she must have hit it with some force.

There are 2 morels to this story:

  1. This is a great, cheap camera for people who aren’t going to be throwing it all over the place (drunk college party animals need not apply.)
  2. My sister is terrible with electronics…

I’m waiting for a cheap DSLR.

Nikon D40

I bought the 10.2 megapixel version of this camera from bestbuy for 150 and it is a terrific camera especially for beginners.