Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SATA III

Who in their right mind would buy this at this price? The newer and faster evo 850 is $107.95 on amazon and even cheaper elsewhere

BEST BUY Also has it for $107.99 , reg. $109.99

Yeah, it’s new, great, but this is like 4 years old, and like you guys said you can get a newer model for less money. Hell, you can get the 960 Evo (which is NVMe m.2 rather than SATA 2.5") for a little more money and it’s a LOT faster. Considering what other 2.5" SATA SSDs are going for, this 840 should be priced at $80, tops. Even then, though, tax & shipping bring it higher than it’s worth.

Bad deal. Beginning to wonder about Woot. Newer model drive on Amazon for $107. Why pay $20 more for the same thing

Seems like for people that don’t do research or read the comments. If you compare this to what this model is selling for on Amazon/Newegg which are usually around 150-200 then it seems like a damn good deal, but only for exact model replacement, which yeah an 850 would probably be fine for too.

This is an awful deal. You can get a new 250GB 850 EVO (newer and faster) for $109 pretty much anywhere.

850 vs 840: -

Woot (Amazon) has gone to cp. This is a blatant rip-off of manufacturer discontinued product at scoundrel pricing. Woot is pretty much "cp that sane people won’t buy, sold with ‘as seen on TV’ chutzpah to unsuspecting people.

Shame on you Woot/Amazon.

Flash deals are pulled from Amazon overstock. Prices are 40-60% off the Amazon price. In some cases, 3rd party sellers on Amazon and elsewhere might be cheaper.

Terrible price!!

Go get a new 850 EVO for $100. Or a Pro for less than this 840.

I understand what you’re saying as I believe we all do, but (with respect) what you seem to be missing is that the 840 EVO is an obsolete, discontinued product as of Q3 or Q4 2014.

The 850 EVO that replaces it sells for just $107 everywhere (including Amazon), not just “in some cases” and not just “3rd party sellers…”. An 256GB 850 PRO runs a mere $137 on Amazon or anywhere else.

I believe many who understand the progression of this technology would agree with me that Woot should discount this product to its maximum 60%. The 840 was never as good as the 850 (less endurance, slower, buggy), and now the 950 is already replacing the 850 at a break-neck pace.

Also, the price is not 40% off. It’s 37% off according to the Woot page.

It looks like they sold out regardless, so Woot’s business plan seems to work even though there’s plenty of comments indicating a better deal somewhere else.