Samsung 960 EVO Series - M.2 Internal SSD

Samsung 960 EVO Series - M.2 Internal SSD

Definitely not worth it. May as well get a 500GB WD Blue SN550 for the same price.


Technically speaking, this is probably the lowest price you’ll find for a 960 EVO - simply because they are two generations old, not manufactured anymore, and likely only sold by third parties (such as on this listing).

They’ve since been supplanted by the 980 EVO series. In that context, this is a not a good price as, at $68.99 for a 250GB 960 EVO, it is priced $19 above the current rate for a 250GB 980 EVO, and $1 below the current going rate for a 500GB 980 EVO.


A whole 250Gb?? How generous