Samsung BD-P1590 BD-Live 2.0 Blu-Ray Player w/Netflix, Blockbuster, Pandora & Youtube Streaming

looks like the onezys!

129.99 at amazon… good deal!

Pass these suck. They have problems reading disks. I have the model that is the next step up. Half the time it won’t recognise the buttons from the remote.

This one’s not on sies, but hopefully it will be done soon. Need my bag o crap.

I have this player and love it. It is a must if you have a Samsung TV.

Terrible reviews @ amazon 2.5 stars/5

They already gave out the BOC

These have VERY suspect reviews on Amazon, 2.5 stars with over 120 reviews. Note, they are WiFi READY, not WiFi included… for WiFi you need a $50 adapter.

Poor reviews. Pass…

buy a ps3

have 2.

Love 'em

b o c came around already

The BOC already happened, you think they’ll do another one?

The Box of Chocolates was yesterday.

Already had the bag of crap.

Ick, hope they fixed all the issues these had! Launched last year to rage reviews!

yes they did… and iGot one woot!

I know, but I’m hoping they do it again. <:|

Or do what I did w/ my sony bdrs370 and just get a gaming adapter for like 25 bucks…