Samsung BD-P1590 BD-Live 2.0 Blu-Ray Player w/Netflix, Blockbuster, Pandora & Youtube Streaming

So how much longer do you guys think this WootOff is going to go?

not likely

I bought the adapter at Worst Buy for $80! Still, I am happy with it.

oh iSee what you did tharrr

It took longer than I expected…but I just shot my Wootalyzer. Good thing I got the new monitor a while ago…

This is an awsome player. I wooted one 6 months ago and have been pleased ever since. The NetFlix and uTube abilities are GREAT. Buy it!!!

Bought one of these in April. It works fine. Past problems were related to the need to update the software, which happens automatically when this is connected to the internet. But no, not wireless.

Thanks for the LOL :smiley:

“Signs point to maybe” per Magic WootBall(patent pending)

Dear Woot,

Please bring back the bag o crap you so kindly wooted while I was asleep after being up for 20 hours during your woot off.

Thank you.

I come bearing a message of delivery. The unit arrived promptly albeit in a box predominately marked “refurbished.” I hooked it up, took the option of updating and it is working smoothly. The only hitch is that the Pandora player part would not refresh or release the previous owner’s email and preferences.

After updating the firmware this persisted. However I emailed and received a very quick response and they were able to remove the previous owner’s email and preferences from the Pandora menu. So far so good!

Mine seems to have come with a dud remote, and possibly a dud remote sensor on the box. I can’t get the remote to control the player OR my samsung tv, and I can’t get my FIOS remote to control the player either, tho I haven’t yet gone through the manual searching of all 200 remote codes for the fios remote.