Samsung Blu-ray Player with Apps & Wi-Fi

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**Item: **Samsung Blu-ray Player with Apps +%26 Wi-Fi
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Some additional info and reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) can be found on the product page


TONS of solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at

This is going to be a Christmas gift if it’s defective will woot accept exchanges after Christmas on this item.

Our FAQ addresses defective items. Additionally, there’s a 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.

The model number is different, but it looks suspiciously like the other one that was for sale.

I bought one of those for $50 new a while back at Wall-E World, and it is a flaming pile of crap. Loads discs SLOW, you can count on the network connection for stuff like streaming to be unreliable, and every few weeks it has to be unplugged to reset it or it won’t do anything.

Since these are all refurb, I suspect they’re probably testy pieces of junk, too.

Judging from the bipolar reviews, I suspect that this is all pretty accurate.

Deal breaker … No Hulu. :frowning:

anyone know if there is support for hard drive file systems on this or does it only work with flash drives on the USB port (if at all?)?

I got one at an earlier sellout.
Wi Fi drops in and out. The BLU Ray player failed after the first movie.

I’m thinking about buying this as a gift for my family abroad. Can someone tell me if it’s dual voltage (110-240V). Also will it play Bluray discs from other countries?

I own one and it works with my external hard drive.

If this could steam Amazon Prime content I would be all over it.

I need a cheap one for my bedroom that does BluRay and Amazon Prime.

Yup. This thing is a piece of crap. The interface is ridiculously slow, the wifi is terrible and the apps (Netflix in particular) are horribly outdated.

Since I’ve owned the thing (a little bit over a year), it’s had a dozen or so updates; none of which fixed a damn thing.

Stay away from this thing. You’ll be sorely disappointed if you buy it.

No bueno. We just returned this model back to costco. Software was buggy and slow. Never used it to stream, but DVD’s would get stuck, would stop and start/not respond even to the touch controls.

Specs in the manual say:

Power Requirements AC 120V, 60Hz

Sounds good to me

Will this BluRay player play normal DVDs as well? I have heard that not all BluRay players are compatible with non-BluRay DVDs. Thanks.

I bought this (or an older model) from Woot last year as an Xmas gift for my dad. Didn’t work out of the box so it ended up being a $70 paperweight

BluRay player has been solid but Wifi and Netlix are hit and miss. I sent mine back to Samsung - they still honor the 1 year warranty on Refurb with copy of receipt. They replaced motherboard and wifi is still crappy. Wish there was an ethernet port!