Samsung Blu-ray Player with Apps

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The amazon listing says no wifi fir this unit. The title says “with wifi”.

Anyone want to explain?

[MOD: You are correct. See my post below.]

It’s “wi-fi” only if you plug in an ethernet cable into the RJ-45 jack.

I checked the Samsung website…no mention of wi-fi.

Reviewers say internet was fine once the rj-45 ethernet cable was plugged in. A reviewer said he wished it had wi-fi

I’d take a guess you might be able to get wi-fi with a USB 802.11g/n adapter…but if even possible, it’ll need to be compatible and that’ll likely only be a few out of the hundreds of possible usb adapters available.

Puppy Party? Seriously?

This will do netflix and pandora! Here’s a link to the product page for additional info:


As a couple of you pointed out, this unit does not have Wi-Fi. We apologize for the error and have fixed the titles.

If you purchased this player already and would like to cancel, please email for assistance. Customer Service will be sending out an email as well.

I bought the refurb Samsung BD-5700 here in November, and it crapped out in less than five months. The HDMI port burned out, so, technically, I guess, it probably does still work, if I want to buy component cables. Which I don’t. Plus, the Samsung Netflix UI sucks. If you’re streaming a show with multiple seasons, for example, the episode counter does not automatically update, so you have to scroll to get to following episodes, which are listed in one long list, not even broken out by season. The 5700 with wifi was the same price. I’d skip this one.

Hmmm… Think I’ll wait for the next upcoming 3D Blu-ray player.

There were a couple offerings a few months ago this year. Think there was an LG and a Samsung.

A word of warning about AllShare.

I have a 5700 that I bought new at the store back in 2011 when my now ex-wife and I separated. Still runs great, I use it primarily for streaming video from my home media server. There’s the occasional issue with it losing the network connection, but I can live with that.

The problem I had was with the AllShare software. I’m running Windows 7, 64 bit on all my home systems. When I first purchased the player and downloaded AllShare, it worked great. Granted, the help menus were in Korean, but I was able to figure it out, and used it happily.

A couple months later, though, there was an update that was installed, and immediately, the AllShare service would shut itself down after running for a minute or so.

After a 45 minute online conversation with tech support, removing/reinstalling the app, rebooting everything, all per the “tech” I was talking with, it suddenly came out that the new version was not compatible with the 64 bit OS. The recommendation? Install Win7 32 bit instead. Or use the Windows Media Player to stream. Nope to either one, thank you.

Let me save you a huge headache - don’t install the AllShare software at all, whether you’re on a 32 bit or 64 bit OS. Instead, go to, download and install the application, map to your media, and enjoy.

The thing that really irked me the most was that the company knew there was an issue between their AllShare app and the 64 bit OS. For a technology company to allow an upgrade that broke the application…just doesn’t make sense.

Can this player display external SRT files? I have some MKV and MP4 videos and I know (on my PC) as long as the video files and the SRT file is in the same folder, the subtitles will display automatically. Can this blu ray player also do that?

I bought this last time it was wooting and gave it to my parents. It didn’t work! This was a like a month ago or so, or maybe a little more. I brought it home last week to confirm that it doesn’t work. I get no lights on the little screen and nothing shows up on the t.v.

Can I return it for a different one?

I have the Samsung Blu-ray Player with Apps: when it works, it is good, but it doesn’t work properly most of the time; it is slow, frequently gets hung up and requires the occasional unplugging to reset the device … and then hope that it will work again!! I do not advocate the Samsung Blu-ray Player as a sound purchase, at all!! Mine is only a couple of months old and I’m already on the market for a new Blu-ray Player!!

@tnrobert43, thanks for the handy info. I suspect 75+% of the owners would not mess with it anyway… but for those who want to use it, thanks for the caution.

The specs do not list Hulu as a partner - does anyone know if it works with Hulu?

If you are like me, and hate remotes, it should be supported by their Android app which would have helped me a lot of my Samsung I bought here two years ago. I may have to pick this up now.

Just popping in to say I love the writeup for this. Corny write-ups make me smile. :slight_smile:

This does not make sense to me. I personally have Allshare running on a Win 7 64-bit PC and stream to my Samsung UND7000 series TV. Been using it for over a year and it works flawlessly.

The issue must be with the BD5700 player or some weird software conflict with something on your PC. It’s definitely not your OS.