Samsung Blu-Ray Player with Netflix Streaming

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Samsung Blu-Ray Player with Netflix Streaming
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Samsung BD-P1590 BD-Live 2.0 Blu-Ray Player w/Netflix, Blockbuster, Pandora & Youtube Streaming

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Sweet deal for a Blu-Ray Player.

Amazon has it for 179.99. Only 2 1/2 stars though.

There should be a disclaimer. “Netflix Streaming” IF YOU BUY an additional adapter for 80-100 bucks.

Edit- Ok I got carried away. If you want wireless netflix streaming you need the adapter. I suppose you could connect it to the ethernet port.

Hows the upconversion for standard definition DVDs?

I might just sneak this one in for the office big screen.

does it have an internet connection? Is the netflix free?

Heck of a solid price for this Blu-Ray. It’s new updates allows for blockbuster streaming as well. The only bad part is to get wifi-networking you need to pick up an add on dongle. but the ethernet works great for me. Get it if you don’t have one.

This is actually a really good player. I bought one at wal mart back in November and paid like $119. Make sure you update the firmware.

You can still stream through ethernet cable… Just sayin.

sounds like an awesome deal. I have netflix on my LG TV… Saves a lot of money. I no longer have to buy PPV or Premium channels.

Was this description inspired by the Human Centipede trailer?

$179 at best buy. might be time to upgrade from dvd’s

elaborate. i don’t see that anywhere. it has a LAN port. what else do you need?

I’m in for one as soon as I get satisfactory answers for the questions posed by ZLoth and drewbaloo513.

How easy is this to update? I know some Blu Ray players are hard to connect to the internet/update.

This is a great buy for anyone who wants to get in on the blu ray game. I’m staring at my Samsung on the other side of the room right now.

Is that automatic and/or extremely easy?

Netflix will never see a penny of mine until they stop their pop-unders and apologize!

I have this blu-ray player

I really like it. It does stream Pandora, Blockbuster, Youtube and Netflix. If you want it to stream wirelessly you do need to buy a dongle that is around $80, however I just connected mine via ethernet to my router and it works great. I do have issues with not being able to use BD live, which requires a memory stick, and occasionally a blue ray disc will not play right away, but all in all, I really like it. We do mostly use it for Netflix though.

amazon link

Good price!