Samsung Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi & Apps

**Item: **Samsung Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi +%26 Apps
Price: $39.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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I own this unit. Does discs fine (Blue-ray and DVD) but can’t hold Netflix signal down with its wi-fi worth a damn (and I bought it new last year!) Don’t expect anything but a decent disc player and you are going to be happy.

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Reviews over at Amazon are mixed. Some good, some not (more not).

Costco Users weren’t impressed much


Not so great reviews (2 out of 5 stars) over at


very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Bad bad reviews on Amazon

Will this play local files from my computer such as home movies or a soccer game i am streaming with ?

According to the features/specs:
You can also sync and stream content to other DLNA- enabled PCs, smartphones, tablets and cameras via Samsung AllShare DLNA technology.

Note: None of the Samsung Blu players I’ve looked at support onboard HD audio decoding and output. So if you’re looking for something that can send a decoded PCM signal to your receiver, they aren’t it.

BUT! BUT! BUT, it’s got APPS!!

Ugh. You know the marketing team behind this is completely tech-illiterate if they use the word “apps” as a selling point.

Does anyone know if this is a region-free Blu ray player? I’d be sold on this if it can play Blu ray / DVD of Pal / Region B2 format.

Oddly there is no pic of the rear of this unit. Probably no discrete non-HDMI A/V outputs and there is no reference to type of digital audio out jack.

This is a mini sized unit. Am awaiting a Woot offering on the 3D version of this unit which for some reason is physically wider.

We have a slightly older Samsung blue ray player and I’d caution anyone to check out the software for ‘apps’ before purchasing.
In our experience (and we are not alone according to a quick google search) is that the software is terribly slow and results in us just using the thing to play dvds. The start time of the device without a disc is horrible as well and when started, you sit there and wait for ‘updates’ to download half the time. I’ll never buy another Samsung player.

I bought two of these over the summer. One for me one for my parents. Both were terrible. Agonizingly slow. Netflix was unusable. Locked up constantly requiring unplugging to bring back to life. Stay far far away.

WiFi not so good, but how’s streaming over ethernet? Also, how fast is this thing navigating menus? Ten minutes of fumbling to start a Netflix movie is a bit much, looking to trade up.

Returning mine from previous woot today.
Plays discs well and I thought quickly.
However it will not consistently connect to my open wifi network.
When it did, the netflix crashed after about 10 minutes, now will not reconnect at all.

Still a pretty good price for just a blurayl player.

Don’t buy if you want to do anything online or over your local network.

So…if I’m reading all the reviews right, the complaints come entirely from the WiFi end of this device, and not from the putting-a-disc-in-and-watching-a-movie end? So if I just want a blu-ray player for my second TV, which already can get Netflix from elsewhere, I’m golden?

Yep. It’s a good player, especially for $40. I say what the others do, the apps leave something to be desired. You’re better off with a Roku or similar to stream off the internet or your home network.

Got this last time on Woot. Worked about a week then died. In typical woot customer service fashion, they made little effort to help and a big hassle to solve the problem. I still an out the $ and have a dead unit.