Samsung Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi

BOC Success! Order Confirmed. Scott me up Beamy!

Thanks, Wikipedia!

Really thought I nailed that one…

For the peanut gallery:

78 x 36

Hyp: 86

rank 3

Actually that would be 78+78+36+36 - its perimeter not area.

Had it right, but the parentheses are wrong. It’s (perimeter + hypotenuse) ^ rank, not (perimeter) + (hypotenuse ^ rank)

The correct answer was (x+y)^z, but the write-up didn’t have the parentheses correct: ((x)+(y)^(z).

Woot I am upset. If you are playing a math game, you need to learn order of operations! They have been ground into my brain seeing as how I do math every day, and I cannot turn off my need to do math right! You lost me a Basket of Churros. :frowning:

Damn it. I was too slow. Maybe next time lol.

Agreed! Wasted so much time rechecking my math…but had it right. Come on…I want that part of my life back!