Samsung Blu-ray Players - Your Choice

Samsung Blu-ray Players - Your Choice

I usually agree with the woot! descriptions, but damn.

Ray Charles is definitely the #1 “Ray”

There’s no way “Blu Ray” can be better than him. When all the Blu-Ray discs are rotting in landfills, Ray Charles’ songs will still be playing on our Jetsons briefcase flying cars’ audio systems.

The “4K” is deceiving. From the few minutes of research I’ve done, the player just upscales standard BlueRay disks. It does not actually play 4K BlueRay disks.

Which is probably why it says “Player with 4K UHD Upscaling” in the title, “4K UHD Upscale” in the description, and the specs indicate it plays normal BluRay discs, not 4K.

Woot had been called out on this in previous sales and it appears they have learned their lesson. The BD-JM63 player is clearly marked as an upscaling unit.


You got it exactly right - thank you!

i am greatly disappointed that you did not rank Sugar Ray…

where would you rank Sugar Ray in the list of great Rays?