Samsung Bluetooth Headset w/$20 Mail-In-Rebate

we all have one

$5 BT anyone?

I can’t help but to think of how stupid people look when they wear these things.

did anyone have luck with the rebate last time around?

The earpiece will break eventually.

Its almost free!!

Already have a bluetooth headset and rarely ever use it. No thanks!

Free Headset, niiice

too expensive

But it’s almost free…

Rebate form does not come in the box. Download it from the product description.

Edit: P.S. Mine works great.

Free* BT headset? Sure, why not.

Can I connect to the rest of my Borg population with this?

I just mailed out my rebates on Monday from when I bought 3 the last time they were on woot. I believe I have maxed out my rebate potential, so I will pass.


Uhm, who doesn’t already have one of these (or something similar?). I swear, these things are so ubiquitous that I kind think I’m in a sci-fi movie sometimes, with everyone’s blinking, blue-glowy earpieces…

A previouswoot.

If you buy this, use the rebate debit card right away. Just found out the dirtbags have been taking out $3/month as a maintenance fee. My $20 is now down to $2.

I lol’d. Well played. Well played, indeed.