Samsung Bluetooth Headset w/$20 Mail-In Rebate

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Samsung Bluetooth Headset w/$20 Mail-In Rebate
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Rated 3.5 stars at Amazon

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I don’t have the links handy but I remember previous times this has gone up a lot of people saying that these are crap and aren’t even worth it even for free.

so basically you’re just lending them the money and in the end its free…

Yep, and not only that but its up to you to fill out the form and send it in to get your money back and hound them if you hit the lottery and they lose or misfile your rebate form.

got one for my brother just for while he is driving…hope it works halfway decent. come to think of it…i coulda probably just given him my extra headset, oh well.

It really does work nicely but you only have a few days from the date of purchase to send in the rebate. It is important for this one to read the fine print. I really like the one that I purchased, it works great.

My husband likes his…I wanted one…sigh

Can you tell me where the rebate form is hidden?

I got this earlier this year… filled out the rebate form… mailed it and got a responce saying it was processing… link they gave for status was dead… many months later no rebate. Total BS!
Icing on the cake… I lost the damn thing the 1st week I had it.