Samsung Bluetooth Headset w/$20 Mail-In Rebate

So it’s free?

Thanks for the free penny.

If I do the math correctly, you actually get .01 for buying this after the rebate.

Be warned: I got burned on my mail-in rebate. They said I didn’t include the UPC or rebate form when I did indeed send in everything and followed the directions to the letter. Lazy rebate processing staff?

You are wise.

mail in
receive $20 gift card (towards anything)

it’s a free Borg beginner’s costume. And early enough to arrive before Halloween by smartpost.

In a perfect world that is what should happen.

woot killa in the house

-3 per household on rebate (I believe, you should doublecheck)
-Decent headset but the plastic ear piece breaks sort of easily
-Rebate can take a while to come, also the rebate form should be in the product description.

Overall I would say its worth it if you need a headset, you pretty much just pay 5 dollars for it.

Free IF you get the rebate.

Subtract mailing cost (and you want to have delivery confirmation so they can’t say they didn’t receive your forms etc.), it is certainly not free. But probably for a few dollars.

Let’s say the chance of you not getting a rebate processed is 10%, then the “possible” cost of your purchase is still only about $3.

Is it worth the risk? Up to you!