Samsung Bluetooth Headset

Thanks woot, bought 3! One for me and 2 Christmas gifts. I brought a BT headset to a “Dirty Santa” thing last year and it got traded around like crazy.

Yes, I use a similar Samsung model with my ps3 and it works just fine.

Can’t beat this really, the MIR is awesome. Been looking for a good Bluetooth headset deal for when I buy Uncharted 2, and glad I found it here.

rebate says 3 per household, so I’m in for 3! Had to pay sales tax, but no shipping!

Here’s an editor’s review from cnet. Looks decent, really. And the “free after rebate less shipping” thing isn’t bad at all. I’m tempted.

why am i getting the feeling that even for five dollars, if in fact that is what it winds up to be, it still won’t be worth it.

Does this work with the original iPhone?

Can you use two of these to get stereo out of an original iPhone (or a 3G)?

I bought 2 Samsung Bluetooth’s last Black Friday that had mail-in rebates. They worked fine, we got $20 back although it took a while.

With the rebate going, I’ll buy one for each car! no more tickets for me!!

Will this make me look insane, as though I am talking to myself, when I make calls?


Ooh, how thoughtful of Woot.

I’m in for two, I figure I can have one for the PS3 and I’m tired of having the touchscreen of my phone touching my face. And I can just use the 20 dollar visa cards from the rebate as stocking stuffers.

$20 Visa gift card? Why can’t they just mail a check? I know it is the same in the long run but that always bothered me for some reason.

In the description text it says 3 per household limit. Take all rebates with a huge pile of salt. They count on not honoring them to make money.

I’m in for 3. Why not???

Because they can always use a few pennies not being used after you attempt to use all the money from the card.

In other words, IT’S A TRAP

Does this work with Skype?

They’re easier to lose and people usually leave a balance on them (few dollars or cents, adds up to alot as a whole).

It should, provided you can make the headset work with your computer.