Samsung Bluetooth Headset

A little cheaper than last time. It was $19.99 + $5 shipping back on Black Friday.

Worth noting: this is not a $20 cash rebate- it is for a “prepaid $20 visa card”, which is often a source of contempt.

Edit: I guess I should clarify:

Make sure you use the card all at once or keep track of the exact balance, because if you forget the balance it can be next to impossible to get the full value out of the card.

Isn’t the rebate just the PDF at the bottom of the page? Why would you have to wait for anything?

Edit: I guess people mean they’ve submitted the form but haven’t gotten the prepaid card yet. That’s a deal-breaker.

Actually, they were offered on 10/26 and 11/27. I got the first rebate and I’m waiting on the second.

Can this be used as a bluetooth headset with something like Skype?

still waiting for my rebate since November. this is an even better deal than back then, when it was $19.99 + $5 shipping. It works well and is definitely worth the money.

The mail-in rebate form is at the bottom of the page the item is listed on.
Or here:

Sometimes things are right under your nose people!

I wonder if we will get it before the end of the rebate!

Sure, as long as your computer has a bluetooth radio. :slight_smile:

Here’s a CNET review!

Dang, bought this in November (11/27) for $19.99. Any chance for a credit?

FYI From the Terms and Conditions:

“The Samsung Visa® prepaid card is not redeemable for cash at any ATM. Terms and Conditions apply to the card. Subject to applicable law, a monthly maintenance fee of $3 (USD) applies, but is waived for the first six months after the card is issued. Your card is issued by MetaBankTM pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Cards can be used at any merchants that accept Visa debit cards. Samsung reserves the right to substitute a check of equal value in lieu of a Visa prepaid card at its discretion.”

$20 is still $20, but you should be aware of this before you jump in.

I don’t know why you’d hang on to the card for more than 6 months, but If you do, you’ll lose money quickly.

I got this on the last woot. The earloop doesn’t bother me, but the piece that sits inside the ear does.
To be honest though at that price, it is still worth it. It works well.

Okay, seriously. A week ago I buy a bluetooth headset from the store, and now woot and selloutwoot are selling nothing but bluetooth headsets. Nasty bit of karma.

But how many times do you go to a store to pay credit? I know I will easily spend this at my local home improvement store within 5 minutes of entering the store.

Does anyone know if this will pair up with an iPhone 3GS? Seems like a dumb question but Apple is so picky and I don’t want to buy one and not be able to use it.

Can’t order 3 of these. The buttons to select quantity (1, 2 or 3) is no longer there. You can only select 1 even though the rebate allows for up to 3.

I play the rebate game a lot. Most of them take 5 - 8 weeks.

I too bought this on 10/26/09, the first time Woot offered it. I have NOT gotten my rebate back yet.

When I checked the status at, I get the message:
"Your rebate is valid and is scheduled for final processing."

I will seriously think twice before buying a Woot product with a rebate again!

Got this to use with my iphone 3G, piece of junk!!!