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I have the Samsung WB250, It’s a great camera! When I first saw these on the internet I thought the material would make the camera feel cheap but it really doesn’t. It looks very nice and functions just as well. We took it on our vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando.

The Smart Wifi that’s in the samsung cameras is sweet. I can set it up to take a pic of the family and snap the photo from my iPhone! The images are clear, the stabilization works well, the zoom is AMAZING, and its very quick to take a pic and be ready for the next. The lighting and quality settings are pretty complete as well.

the wb800 says in the description 16MP BSI CMOS sensor but then says ccd in the specs they ARE VERY different which does it actually have??

edit: same for the wb2100? im not at all interested in ccd sensors anymore but these would be very nice with cmos based ones.

edit again: same for the wb250

Good catch. The sales are fixed. The WB800, WB2100, and both WB250s have BSI CMOS sensors.

Anyone own the WB800F? Reviews are ok but looks like the WB850 is a better model with GPS and Hi-Rez screen.

Thinking about buying one of these for a gift but don’t know much about cameras. Any suggestions on the best one of these for someone just getting into photography,

Thinking about buying one of these for a gift but don’t know much about cameras. Any suggestions on the best one of these for someone just getting into photography?

If your giftee is a budding photo enthusiast then maybe the NX1000 or NX200 which use interchangeable lenses. While these are more versatile and offer better performance than your typical point&shoot, they will, however, entail additional cost for more lenses, etc. You might also look into an entry-level Canon or Nikon DSLR since these will offer additional advantages in the areas of performance, available accessories, future growth and support.

Question about the NX200ZBSBC – in the “features” it says that a flash is included, but in the “specs” section it says that flash is not included. Clarify please?

We had limited info on this camera but it appears the specs were correct. We removed the reference to the flash in the Features.

Good catch. Thanks!

STOP! You need to know what kind of photos they want to take…there is no “general photography.”

You wouldn’t dream of buying a car for someone before knowing their driving habits, and this is another situation where that kind of thinking applies.

First, see if they want to shoot the “hard stuff:” kids playing sports in gyms and other low-light shots. They won’t be happy with ANY of these cameras, as larger apertures and/or much higher ISO are needed for that.

If it’s outdoor shots, then you are in good territory.

I teach and write about this stuff and have lost count of the number of people who are unhappy with “blurry” pictures, and have no idea idea of what is going wrong.

Digital cameras are not magic (yet), they are just cameras that do not use film.

If you need to be sneaky, look at their albums, etc., and see what they shoot. Ask them about the shots they couldn’t get or didn’t “turn out right.”

Good luck!

PS: Also find out how in love with sitting in front of a computer they happen to be.

Digital cameras are little computers with lenses attached. If they don’t like transferring files, etc., there will be a lot of frustration until they earn basic file management.

Let’s spend a minute cutting through the specs on the Samsung NX10ZZBABC 14.6MP. (This works with most others, BTW)

Features say, “Get sharp photos in any setting with Auto Focus.” This is only part of the “blurry picture” problem.

Camera shake and subject movement are at least 2/3rds of the equation.

Fact:The lens will spend most of it’s time at a maximum aperture of f/5.6.

Fact: The ISO range is 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200

Fact: The typical gym shot at ISO 400 and f/5.6 is around 1/60th of a second. (Far to slow to stop action)

Double to 800 and you shoot at 1/120th. Still not fast enough.

Double again to 1600 and you are at 1/240th. Better, but not great.

Top out at 3200 and you get just under 1/500th. Pretty good, but not quite fast enough for real fast stuff, gymnastics, cheerleader routines, fast sport indoors, etc.

There also is some image deterioration at 3200, although not as bad as years ago.

The solution? Get a lens with a larger aperture ($$$$) or a camera with a higher ISO ($$$$).

Check the specs on all the cameras and you’ll find it’s pretty much the same on all models.

These challenges basically affect indoor shooters and are not only for Samsung cameras.

Remember: The laws of physics have not changed just because you are going digital.

Sorry, but I’m extremely UNHAPPY with this thing (WB250F). It connected one time to my Airport Extreme when I had the security cranked down to WEP, and never again - so that was random. It wouldn’t connect to my Verizon FIOS router either. In fact, it’s the only wireless device in my house that won’t connect to these routers and there are many of those devices here.

Samsung support was worthless, at one point telling me that WPA and WPA2 were not supported, yet it’s got the configuration parameters right there and I’ve found nothing online indicating this. The firmware update didn’t help.

So much for “factory reconditioned”. This is undoubtedly the reason this camera was returned in the first place, but they’re happy to charge you to ship it back for repair.

I’ve contacted Woot support but in the meantime, I now have to figure out what to do for my son’s main birthday present in three days. I also bought several items for this defective POS.

Thanks, Samsung…