Samsung Compact Full HD Camcorder

Does the LCD screen flip to the other side?

I don’t even want to ask what you’re planning to do that involves hiding a camera in a dorm room.

It has really great reviews on cnet:

“Not worth it”

by bigham21 on February 15, 2010

1.0 stars

“Amazed at how bad this camcorder is.”

Is this camera worthy of the most beautiful granddaughter in the world? I’ve been hoping a quality camera would come along.

This does have a small red recording light. It would be easy to cover with electrical tape though. Although, this is not the best camera for hiding, there are other smaller less expensive options that have only slightly poorer video quality.


Gnite all

After 5000 boxes of carrots the last few weeks I don’t think they have anything left in the warehouse!

Digital zoom is a nightmare as far as picture quality/clarity goes. I’m not even sure why companies boast about it. It’s absolutely awful and will leave your video looking grainy.

Although I cannot say for sure as I don’t own this, I think that since it accepts SDHC (SD cards with a capacity 4gb +), it should accept all bigger cards. In the past, I have never had trouble putting huge cards in devices. I recently put a 16gb card in my still camera, and the counter just read 999, but it still recorded the pictures correctly. Sometimes, the only disadvantage of larger capacity cards is it will confuse the remaining film/pictures counter.

I didn’t have any problems getting it to work with an 8GB microSD in an adapter. I don’t have any cards larger than 8GB.

In well lit environments this is a wonderful camcorder. However, if you have difficulty learning new software I would steer clear. This model records using a proprietary Samsung codec and doesn’t tend to work well unless you use the software included.

what amount of recording time do you get on the card it comes with and/or per gig.

I’ve used a similar model (HMX-H104), and the quality left something to be desired for my project, but shouldn’t be too bad for casual use. I’d invest in a pricier Canon Vixia for higher-end quality.

So does this not have any internal memory at all or am I just missing that part? If it only records to SD, it seems that that could be in part the reason quality can be so iffy.

On OS X you can use an app called MP4Streamclip and convert the videos and assign the 16x9 tag. However, on my 2.4Ghz Core2Duo w/2GB ram it took me about an hour to convert a single 5 minute clip.

Random time-lapse video

It has no internal memory. However, the storage method has no effect on the lacking quality.

??? Help please wooters - I would like to get this woot but need to know: Is it easy to use? Quality filming is not my goal. I want a recorder that can get the school talent show or a birthday party that sort of thing and transfer to my computer without me having to call in tech support (aka a teenager). Thanks! :slight_smile:

It is very easy to use. AND AND AND it has OPTICAL Image Stabilization.