Samsung Compact Full HD Camcorder

The touchscreen is annoying, but nothing that will confuse anyone. Otherwise, it’s more or less intuitive and quite compact. Transfer is simple USB, so no issue there.

I don’t know about this particular camera, but others that I own lead me to believe that “HD” on a camcorder these days just means the picture is 16x9 but the quality is terrible.

SDHC is SDHC. If a device works with a small card with the HC tag on it, it will work with a higher-capacity HC card, too.

The manual states you can use up to a 32GB SDHC card.

16x9 has been the popular aspect ratio long before the HD craze.

Seems that the SDHC slot is the only storage medium this thing supports. I’m positive that this does NOT have a MiniDV tape slot or anything similar.

Does anyone have information on the battery? Like what exactly type of battery it takes, internal/external? Battery life?

Not a bad deal, to be sure… I wouldn’t go for it, though, even if I was in the market for a new camera. Pay the slight extra to get a 1080p camcorder with a built-in hard drive.

It comes with a rechargeable battery pack, and in my experience, battery life tops off at an hour when recording at the highest resolution.

I have this model and I’m very happy with the video quality. Transferring to the computer is a snap. I was told to use the class 6 SD cards for the best results. I paid about $130 more at Costco 8 months ago. If I didn’t already have one I would buy this one.

There’s not much to recommend in Samsung’s current HMX series–the H106, the H105, the H104, and the H100–over similarly priced competitors. They don’t stand out in any particular aspect, and weak, though not terrible, performance and video quality may be turnoffs for many people.From Cnets review.

It takes a proprietary battery and gets anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours of battery life. If it’s on a tripod and you want to swap our the battery you would have to unscrew the tripod mount. Also, both the SD slot and battery are under the same door on the bottom of the camcorder.

That quote is from when this was a $500 model though.

Not actually about the product, but I swear to god the picture looks exactly like mine. We even have a blue room. Had to look closely to make sure no one was going voyeur on my kitty girl.

This IS a 1080P camcorder. This is BETTER than having a HDD because there are less moving parts.

Edit: I’m pretty sure that it’s only 1080/60i with no option for 1080/30p. However, SD cards are still better for something like a camcorder, than a HDD.

From CNet:

Crap. Does that mean this is another camera that only records 28 minute clips before you have to restart, losing ~30 seconds between clips?

I have a Kodak that does that now… I have to have 2 cameras staggerd to record a complete show!

Ditto. Lighting has been my only issue. Normal lighting inside or outdoors it has been great. Don’t even consider if you need for night shots…even with street lights.

A video sample from the camera can be found here:

$239 refurbished.

No. you can get your full hour. I haven’t heard of this 1.8 GB limit.

EDIT: Did some research. Apparently, there is a 1.8 GB file size restriction. My bad.