Samsung Compact Full HD Camcorder

READ the description, it is NOT 1080P it is 1080i.
Recording Resolution: 1920x1080i / 1280x720P / 720x480P

Full HD (1920x1080/60i or 30p) video recording

Video quality is what most people would consider the most important aspect OF a HD VIDEO DEVICE, REGARDLESS OF PRICE.

I only ever used the 720P mode and it’s been a few months since I sent mine back, but it is entirely possible that this only records at a maximum 1080/60i which is still Full HD.

it is not 1080P as you claimed. READ the recording resolutions DECRIPTION that I copied and pasted in my last post!! FULL does NOT mean 1080P!!!

This was a mediocre camera in the $400-$600 category. However NOW it is a $200 camera and performs quite well compared to other models in the same price category. The Canon FS200 and FS300 are $200-$300 camcorders and do NOT perform as well as this model. Canon doesn’t even offer a full HD camcorder for less than $400, and this is HALF that.

The video quality was compared to devices in the same price range. If you wanna shell out the extra for the Canon, it’s cool, but at two hundred bucks, it’s competition is basically the tiny pocket recorders.

Why on earth would anyone want a hard drive??? Get a camcorder with flash memory cards. They have no mechanical parts, therefore don’t break down.

Read the description again, it is 1080i at 60fps, but also 1080P at 30fps.

Groucho is simply thrilled to be featured on woot, but wishes me to relay his concern that he will neither get a new camera for free or at very least a cute little catnip toy for his delightful face-time in front of thousands of nerds.

That’s the way I understood it, too. However, after trying to remember my experiences with it, I’m pretty sure it’s only 1080/60i.

I’ve got an SC-HMX20C and it’s VERY easy to use. I would have to guess that Samsung uses similar software on its cameras.

Nobody will notice a difference with 1080i/1080p, by the way (in response to a different post).

Read the recording resolutions listed and also read the reviews online from CNET and Amazon. IT IS NOT 1080P only 1080i.

I agree, the battery was less than pleasing. I had this camera with an 8gb card and I was lucky if I filled it before the battery went dead.

I’m sure it was due to full resolution and IS being on, but still, I feel it should have been better.

I returned it in favor of the JVC Evario, more optical zoom, better battery life, and dual sdcard slots.

Correct, this is 1080i. If memory serves right, it’s 30fps at 1080i and 60fps at 720p, but i may be wrong there.

Playing video back on on small screens true, on screens above 42" a lot of people claim to be able to see the difference between Blu-Ray (1080P) and 1080i.

Yeah, a noticeable difference doesn’t necessarily mean a disagreeable difference. It’s kind of like shades of black or white.

BTW: My tube HDtv made by Toshiba (1080i max) has WAY better picture quality than ANY of the TVs (flat panel, i.e., LCD, plasma, DLP, etc.) I have delivered and hooked up for

Plasmas are the best, but aren’t as bright. 1080p is not supported on my TV, but most providers provide nothing better than 1080i, anyway.

Is there an external Mic jack?

Woot, I want a nice little pocketcam that supports an external mic, so I can lapel-mic an interview subject for usable results in a noisy environment.

It’s my only real dealbreaking issue!

When you get one of those, put up a fat headline:


otherwise, don’t bother, ok?

NO, dammit.

From : 1920x1080i / 1280x720P / 720x480P

Link to specifications at Samsung’s website

E: Spare Battery for $47, cheaper than Amazon’s $54