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Samsung Compact Full HD Camcorder [Refurbished] - $189.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Samsung HMX-H100 Compact Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom & 2.7" Touchscreen

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Shot with this model camera

cnet review

Product Website

Pretty good reviews on amazon

Buzzillions gives it a 4.2

Thanks for this. Answers my question about frames per second.

Unboxing at YouTube

and 720p video isn’t bad once the TV screen isn’t the subject.

and here’s a crisp-looking full 1080p video

edit: as others have pointed out, this camera doesn’t take 1080p. But that’s still a fine-looking video.

How reliable are refurbished camcorders? I’ve been looking for one for a while.

I’ve got one of these from a previous woot.

The battery is pitifully inadequate, lasts about 60 min.

If you like to leave batteries in your electronics when not in use, this one will drain in about two or three days. Then you have to charge it…

The most infuriating bit of the HMX-H100 is that the battery wont charge while the camcorder is on, its got to be off for it to charge.

Hey, maybe I’ve got a lemon here but there is a reason why there are a bunch of referb HMX-H100 every where.

Both the video and audio are great but the battery makes it less than portable.

I own this, it only does 1080i, not 1080p as the blog would have you believe.

Schneider glass is a good thing on Samsung products. They make good LCDs and image sensors, but their lenses leave much to be desired.

Think you have a bad battery or unit. Samsung’s camcorders tend to have particularly good battery life, though in this year’s are more notable than previous ones.

I was distressed to discover that it shoots 60 frames per second instead of the standard 30fps in 720 resolutions and lower. All of the non 1080 settings cannot be edited with the Pinnacle Studio software I bought from woot.

i am seeing the same thing about the battery life on just about every review i’ve read. its just aweful, only 50-65 minutes. if you get less than that im guessing you just got a lemon

I actually brought this on sellout.woot but 10 bucks more I believe; I haven’t been using it too much but it works pretty good.

However, I do have one question. Recently I used this camcorder to record an older camcorder I brought a long time ago to show a buyer on eBay that it still turns on. I recorded it and upload on Youtube and now all of a sudden, this stuff happens:

I think it was on 720p but regardless, how do I fix this problem? If not, how can I avoid this from happening?

This camera is a great deal as long as you understand its limitations. This camera came out before the AVCHD format became the standard, so the codec is a Samsung original that, in my experience, will not work with most nonlinear editing software. I can not say for Final Cut, but this codec is definitely not natively supported in premiere cs4. Quicktime will play the files straight off the sd card, so that usually indicates compatibility with Final Cut. However, the camera comes with Intelli Studio, software that comes loaded on the camera that you can install when you plug in via usb. Intelli Studio allows you to export your footage as a windows media file at 1080 or 720 24,30p or 60i. This means that you can then import the new files into premiere, or your windows supported editing software and can easily be matched up with other HD footage from other cameras. Note that this Intelli studio software is not compatible with Macs. I was told by customer support that the software is not cross platform. Again I can’t say for Final cut, but quicktime support for the codec is a good sign.

As for battery life, it isn’t that great, but you can get extra batteries at B&H for about 30 bucks

You can also get a battery charger for about 20.

One really cool thing about this camera is the time lapse recording, but it only works in 720 mode.

Then use the 1080 setting. It is the native resolution of the CCD anyway.

1280x720 is never 30i. In the US it is always 60p . 720x480 can be either 30i or 60p, but is usually 30i.

I like the one I bought on a previous Woot. The refirb. must have been done by Samsung. It looks absolutely new with new stickers etc. I plug the USB cord into my iMac, and Quicktime takes over. I edit in iMovie. I did buy an extra battery. You can charge in the car by plugging into an inexpensive inverter. I say buy it since you have been interested enough to read this far.