Samsung Day/Night Monitoring IP Camera

A link here to the amazon page for the non-refurbed one.

Something that concerns me in this day and age that a couple of the reviews there mentioned. If you are doing anything online, the Samsung account you will have to sign up to basically gives them free reign over any pictures that are taken with this camera. If you don’t mind a mega-corp having pictures of anything this sees, I guess that won’t bother you. On that account alone though, I am going to end up passing on this camera. There were also a couple of reviews of people who did set up the online portion, and ended up with other people’s videos posted to their account. Sounds about par for the course with big corps caring about data security these days.

*Note: It is not at all clear to me at this time how well this will work if you never use a Samsung account. If you can still access it locally or anything. I do not wish to support it though so I will not be delving further into specifics.