Samsung Day/Night Monitoring IP SmartCam

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Samsung Day/Night Monitoring IP SmartCam
Price: $49.99
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Woot, you suck.

It’s only $47 with Free shipping and no tax at Wal-Mart!!!

Although it is refurbished and for this, refurbished is a good thing. These were known to have poor power supplies.

No zoom, only 640x480 = junk.
It doesn’t say the distance of the night vision, probably 7 feet.

Good for a baby monitor nothing else.

Besides being refurbished, there’s no warranty stated. Ours is new and has a 1 year Samsung warranty

To Manufacturer or User: Can these be used outside if protected from elements. Between 0 and 100 degrees F. Want to watch for animals being born.

Not suitable for outside elements (rain and moisture) also the camera relies on a wifi connection & power. Im not sure where your creatures are being born.

I have one of these, along with the Samsung SNH-P6410BN.

It used to be a pretty good cam, until Samsung disabled some things with firmware updates. You can no longer login to the cam directly. Everything must be accessed through the app or website. Also, it used to be able to upload snapshots to Picasa… until Google killed off Picasa. Samsung has not updated the firmware with something new like Google Photos or FTP.

But for the price selling here, it’s still not a bad cam.

[]Emails snapshots when motion/sound is triggered. None of the newer Samsung cams do this.
]No monitoring fees.
[]Image quality is not bad. I think Samsung has better image sensors than competitors.
]Wired or WiFi connectivity.
[]Low light and IR quality is decent.
]Setup was surprisingly easy.

[]Narrow field of vision. You have to place this in a corner and up high if you want to capture a large room. On the other hand, the SNH-P6410BN has great FOV and way better image quality.
]Limited functionality after the firmware updates.
[]Slow to react to motion triggers. Object has to literally stand there for a couple seconds until the camera registers the movement and snaps a pic. Sound triggers are instant though.
]Awful app. The features and settings on the app are different from the features and settings on the website.
[]Uses a proprietary power plug, instead of micro USB.
]No microSD recording.

Like I said, it’s not bad for the price. But if you’re not in a hurry, I’d suggest waiting for SNH-P6410BN. Those show up on Woot every once in a while.

And just to set the right expectations, these cams (Samsung, Nest, Canary, Arlo, etc) are not good security systems. They’re really fancy pet monitors. They should be used as one component of an overall home security/monitoring setup.

How does it stream live to an APP. Is there an APP that works with just this device, or a universal APP that can work with any video camera over WIFI?

The Support page on Samsung has links to the iOS & Android app.