Samsung Digimax L85 8MP Digital Camera



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Samsung Digimax L85 8MP Digital Camera
$199.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
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Nice, but I have an 10.2MP…


$287 at


I have a Samsung Digimax camera, but it’s only a 4MP. Despite what some might say about Samsung’s quality of cameras, I love mine and I’ve never had any problems with it. It’s a pretty decent camera. I’d get this, but I’m saving up for a digital SLR.


Not bad…

$340-349ish for low end…


Not a bad price for an 8MP camera…though I wouldn’t jump unless you know anything about it. Personally, I have no experience with a Samsung camera.


$250 at amazon


pictures from every angle:


seems to be a good price. here’s a review


This is an ORLY good deal, but WHOO knows, maybe I’ll wait for the Canon S3-IS to show up on WHOOT.

Owl go to bed now, and owl see ya tomorow mice and early.


"One of the most consistent complaints I get from digital camera owners concerns missing crucial shots, whether it is a mom who can’t record her baby’s precious smile or a dad having a hard time capturing his son hitting a baseball. Most times, this happens because of shutter lag, the delay between when you press the shutter release button and the time the shutter actually opens. That’s also one reason I find the Samsung Digimax L85 compact digital camera so disappointing. My tests show it has the worst shutter lag of any camera I’ve tested to date. "


Ok. Let’s start talking about the new woot. Looks like no view-finder-eye-hole-thingy (yeah, that’s the technical term).
Otherwise, is it any good? I just lost my camera.


Ahh, good to see the moderator is back. Thank you WOOT!

As for the product, i own one of these, very nice camera. Much much cheaper than what i bought it for!


cool retro look.


Yes it was fun, but I’m glad it is over. Whew. Now I can finally go to bed.

I got a monkey!!! :slight_smile:

But no Bowl of Chunks. :frowning:

This looks too much like a regular camera - my 6 MP does me just fine. My DH and I prefer smaller, more portable digital cameras. I have a bulky one that I can use regular film in if I really want super nice photos. The color in digital pics (particularly of pets) is just off somehow.

Have a great weekend all. See ya next wootoff.


This camera gets a 67 out of 100 from consumer reports


This is an outstanding camera, by the way!
I never, NEVER, thought I’d say that about anything made by Samsung, but they have really improved.
Not a bad price, either. Too bad I’m up to my eyeballs in cameras lately.


does it come with a monkey.

allright price for a samsung…

you can get a casio 10 mp fpr around 50 more at your local friendly costco

nice long woot off eh?



heres a really good review from

also, i am upset about the bag of crap