Samsung Digimax S85 8.2MP Digital Camera

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Samsung Digimax S85 8.2MP Digital Camera, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Samsung Digimax S85 8.2MP 5x Optical Zoom Digital Camera

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LOVE the barcode.

The barcode sticker is the bomb!!!

In for 3!!!

Looks like a nice deal. Just saw a thorough review at

and the Amazon reviews are all good. I believe I may just be in for one.

I bought the 10MP from Woot and it was a complete piece of crap. And Samsung’s customer support is terrible. I ended up paying $10 in shipping to get my camera sent back with a note saying nothing is wrong when it still freezes constantly.

I cant recomend enough to pass on this

i use to have the s75 and the picture quality was not good not sure about this though

I bought the Kodak Easyshare c813 8.2 MP from a recent woot and I am not sure if this is the better deal. I am just in it for a point and click camera. Which one is better?

This is the deal I’ve been looking for – a ‘disposable’ camera for snap-shooting on business travel. Leave the Digital SLR safe at home and pack this little number in the laptop bag.

Saw this same camera new at Targ** for about $45 more. From what I could tell at the counter snapping a few pics, it looks decentfor a cheap-o point and shoot. i mean, really, you’re not going to get dig SLR quality on a $70 dollar camera so give that up.
in for one

was in for one before i saw it ran on AA’s. oh well. to ecost and bestbuy it is!

Does this camera have Digital Image Stabilization? Dell has a comprable camera new for $85.

How fast is the trigger response time?
Also, how fast is the recovery time so I can fire off multiple pictures?

I have to agree about the batteries. My current (though very old) camera is a Samsung, which I purchased about 7 years ago for roughly 4-5 times the price of this one. It takes 4 AA batteries and they just don’t last very long. I don’t have to to tell you what a hassle it is to carry around 4 extra AAs. I honestly didn’t even know they made cameras that used AA batteries anymore, but my next camera definitely will not.

It’s too bad this one requires AA batteries because I was extremely tempted to upgrade and get another Samsung. For now, I guess I’ll stick with my camera phone, which - interestingly enough - takes pictures just as well as my big, old, clunky digital camera.

Yes, but you can easily buy rechargeable li-ion batteries and just use those…

Dude, you can say Target.

I like cameras with AA’s because when I am out and the batteries go dead it is easy to pop new ones in. All you need to do is get rechargeable AA’s and you don’t have to worry about buying new ones all the time.

Shhhhhh!!! They might here you.

Well, I can say that I have the Samsung NV10 and it rocks. You may have just gotten unlucky but don’t discount all Samsungs because of that. Samsung or Canon is all I buy now because they are so reliable and great quaity.

I guess that’s just as scary as if they were to there you.

(here is where you hear with your ears.)