Samsung Digimax S85 8.2MP Digital Camera

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Samsung Digimax S85 8.2MP Digital Camera, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Samsung Digimax S85 8.2MP 5x Optical Zoom Digital Camera

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I bought one - in the buying process I have read two reviews that you may find helpful:
Samsung S85 review on Trusted Reviews
Samsung S85 review on RegHardware
See also some Samsung S85 test shots on Flickr

I have the 10 MP version. The large LCD is nice, but hard to see in the bright sun with no viewfinder.

Edit: Oh, I have a black box now. I’ve become cooler! :slight_smile:

This looks an awful lot thie the Poloroid camera that shows up here from time to time. Are they related?

No, this is a far superior camera. This is a good buy for a change.

We recently purchased this refurb at for $81 Great little camera. One of the few less than $100 cameras with a macro function. Our only complaint so far is that it goes through batteries a bit quickly. Here is a link to our discussion on a bead makers forum: See this link as well

Froogled. - $110.99

eBay - Items Found: 63. Average Price: $32.48.

Reviews on - 4.0/5 Stars.

Yes! I agree. It does go through batteries quickly. I bought rechargeables.

You gotta love the stylish barcode sticker on the front.

Actually, it will make anyone grin when you’re taking their picture.

No more asking them to “say cheese”!

I have this camera. Bought it the last time it was on Sellout Woot. I was looking for it in the Woot-Off as this is a great point and shoot camera. (I have 9 digital point and shoots, and 2 DSLRs) This is definitely a buy if you are in the market for a really good point and shoot. Even it’s high ISO performance is decent!

I bought 2 more tonight.

Is this small enough to carry in your pocket?

Also, I have a bunch of rechargable NiMH AA’s. Will they work in this thing?

Can anyone help me…I am trying to purchase the camera and I am sent to Yahoo and then when I go back I am sent back to yahoo…what to do?

if it had li-ion battery, i’d be all over it. i know some people hate them in a camera, but i love them. i absolutely can’t stand taking 10 pictures on AA’s and buying then buying new ones. with my sony, i toured the country for 2 weeks, 800 pictures, on one battery charge.

I decided to get one for myself at this price. That way my wife has hers and I will have mine. One other thing I forgot to mention with my earlier post is that the camera comes with some nice photo editing software.

Try this link. If that doesn’t work, make sure you have cookies enabled. If that doesn’t work, you may want to try another browser… and if that doesn’t work, please drop a line to with a description of the problem. should be able to help you with ordering at that point as well.

I have the S1050 from Woot! (10 MP version of this camera- $120 on woot about 6 months ago). It is a very good camera for the money. Definitely get rechargeable batteries- it will suck alkalines down in no time. The menus are a little complicated and not exactly intuitive, but once you use the camera for a while you get used to where things are and it’s no big deal. Macro mode is great! Lens quality is very good.

You can see some SW Canyon county photos I took with the S1050 on my web page here:
There are some full size images there so you can see the level of detail the camera can capture. The 8 MP camera should be very close to the 10MP camera.

How is the response time on this camera? I bought a camera once I ended up returning because it took forever for the camera to finally take the picture once I’ve clicked the button. I do not want that at all. I’m content with the current Canon PowerShot response times…

Just a bummer when you’re trying to capture a moment but it waits a few seconds before finally taking the picture.

It’s not super fast, but if you preset things like white balance, etc. you can speed things up. The camera can’t compete with DSLRs, but what do you expect for $70?

Steve’s Digicams did a review of the S1050 including response times.

I tried the link…no success. I did email…thanks for your help

i bought this camera last time it was on the sellout woot (june 30th).
as far as i am concerned it is a very good camera. the auto-focus is pretty good unless you are zoomed in on contrasting depths.
the sticker comes off quite easily. so everyone that sees your camera does not have to know it is refurbished.
you can buy rechargeable lithium batteries for it. they last quite a long time. i have not had to recharge mine yet.

much better than similar cameras that i have seen. samsung is often superior.

so, buy this camera for wootness sake.