Samsung DualView 12.2MP Digital Camera with Dual LCD Screens and 4.6X Optical Zoom

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Samsung DualView 12.2MP Digital Camera with Dual LCD Screens and 4.6X Optical Zoom
$124.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Samsung TL220 DualView 12.2MP, 4.6x Optical Zoom, 3.0" Touch Screen LCD , 1.5" Front LCD, HD Video

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Looks like dual screens is all the rage, how much longer before we see dual lens cameras?

Anyway, good camera, takes good pictures, and dual screen is unique for now. Also that price is great. Just note that the touch screen has some known sensitivity issues, as its resistive, which is an older touch technology.

Also, good for babies, it can play a funny cartoon to make them smile.

this works great when taking pictures of the little one because they can see themselves and they want to look towards the camera

Product Website

Just OK reviews at CNET.

Sweet! Awesome replacement for my camera I lost while kayaking. :frowning:

$155 on including the shipping.

Amazon reviews

according to Amazonians, Samsung’s customer service is bleah, but the camera seems to be pleasing to most folks.

Dual screens looks pretty useless. Other than that, I guess it’s a nice camera.

The product description says that the front screen is:

1.5" (61K) TFT LCD

So, my question to you is?..Is 61K good? And what does that mean?

sweet. no more pictures of just the top of my head!

Not too long.

The front-facing viewfinder is such a cool idea for self-portraits. It’s difficult to take your own picture or you with someone else.

I rather have the camera that Woot uses to take these close up pictures of the product.

Can you get the front screen to play video at your intended subjects? Imagine all the fun things you can load on there and capture a wide range of expressions eternally frozen in time.

61k colors. Think mini LCD screeen resolution.

Mini SDHC max of 8GB? Seriously? I guess they needed to use the mini’s since the front LCD took up some space.

Please watch the model numbers when linking to websites,reviews, etc. I’ve deleted 3 or 4 posts tonight that were not the right model.


Review at YouTube

and Crutchfield

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They FIXED it!!
Who says it doesn’t do any good to complain!

You don’t need a $5000 camera to take great pictures. A nice tripod, propper lighting and alot of practice taking alot of photos can make even a sub-par camera take great shots.