Samsung DualView 12.4MP Digital Camera with Dual LCD Screens and 5x Optical Zoom

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You can google this camera to see what the front LCD screen looks like. I don’t think any of the included shots here show it in use.

The photos are either of the wrong product or are carefully/carelessly positioned to hide the fact that there is an LCD on the front left side of the camera.

In person, the screen is apparent.

YouTube review

HSN video

video test

Here’s the manual.

And the front LCD is so well blended that you cant see it. If only this wasn’t a refurb. I just got a dualview PL100 from Walmart with a 4GB card for 107.

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I’m crying over here. I paid $225 for this in July! man.

The front LCD is nice, it’s helpful when I’m taking pictures of the kids and myself. :slight_smile: This series has some known issues, so if you buy one be sure and get the Square Trade warranty. I’m wishing I had a warranty on mine. :frowning:

Here’s a coupla pics showing the front LCD:

Can you zoom while taking video?

Had this camera for about a month. Main display screen got all messed up, sending back to samsung repair today. Seems to be a very fragile camera

Did not see the square trade option at check out. How do I get that?

It’s listed midway down the product page.

I am buying the square trade now!

Did anybody else experience the site being down and taking forever to load? It took over 2 hours for the site to work, just to get my hands on a couple of these. Way past my bedtime and now I’m gonna have a case of the Mondays on Tuesday. That wait’s gotta be worth a box of cereal to help me get thru the day?

Great Camera, I had just ordered the TL-205 (the model down) a few hours before on tigerdirect for $90 so I had to jump on a couple of these. Best price by far anywhere. Thnx sellout.

Anyone got any experience with refurbished cameras?

I bought it, to late that I saw that camera was refurbished but then again. I hope it’s going to be in good condition. I bought refurbished stuff before and it looked like new.

Push the button on the top and the screen is here. push it again and then you are right. It goes away. Like magic.