Samsung DualView 12.4MP Digital Camera with Dual LCD Screens and 5x Optical Zoom

can this be used on verizon?

Not selling fast enough on deals.woot?

are they just showing us what they would sell us if this were an actual woot-off?

Looks familiar…

Why are there similar products on woot and sell out ?Am I seeing double ?

Same thing running here as Sellout? Why?!

I guess if you want the blue stripe?

This is already on sale at sellout.woot. Huh?
Oh, different colors. Is that it?

I suppose it could be used to take covert photos of Verizon operatives, yes.

hey this is available on sellout.woot!

Does this include the battery?

whats the point of sellout?

Sell out detour?

So many choices, like do I buy this here, or on sellout?

I just bought the red one over there. I should have waited for blue!

one has red accent.

the other has the same accent as the touch of color tv panels samsung sells. (ToC)

More pictures at sellout

Not a Deal…same price on:

Some Sellout Site

Come on Woot!

Anyone else having Wootalyzer issues?